10 Best Jailbreak Tweaks for Your iDevice

Cydia store is getting more and more updated with time to make iOS jailbreak community happy. But those who are on iOS 9.2 to latest still away from Cydia access as a compatible jailbreak is missing in chapters after Pangu worked on iOS 9.1 vulnerabilities. Even though it sounds distracting, we can still hope for a compatible iOS 9 jailbreak release before iOS 10 arrives. So we thought of writing about 10 Best jailbreak tweaks which are recently added to Cydia store for those are on a jailbroken iOS and also for those who are looking for jailbreak access in your iOS. Read until the end and collect all your loved features.


Which is your Favorite?

Volume Mixer 2


Volume Mixer 2 tweak is a smart application to manage your jailbroken iDevice’s volume level individually. With a simple interface you will be able to control media, ringtone, Bluetooth and also phone call volume effectively. Therefore grab it from Cydia’s BigBoss repository only for $0.99, and if you are already own original Volume Mixer tweak, you can have Volume Mixer 2 for free of cost.

EarthView Walls


If you are a wallpapers lover, EarthView Walls tweak is the best choice you can try  to get random wallpapers from Google earth view and set them as your wallpaper in your jailbroken iDevice. If you are interested for a fresh wallpaper experience get it free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.


download videos from facebook on iPhone

SilentMessenger tweak is one of the latest additions to Cydia store, which provides additional privacy for Facebook users together with useful features. Therefore those who are on iOS 7 to latest jailbreak iOS versions can try it only for $1.50 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.



If you are a Apple map user, you can get this AlwaysNightMode tweak to enable night mode feature in your Apple maps for 100% of the time. With a balanced contrast you will be able to view your maps in your jailbroken idevice, if you are interested give a try to this useful tweak which is available free in Cydia’s BigBoss repository.



This is another jailbreak tweak to effective volume handling in your jailbroken iDevice, SwitchHUD tweak integrates with Activator allowing you to manually toggle between volume modes. So give a try on this useful tweak to control your device’s volume effectively, you can grab it free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.



Those who love customization on your iOS in different ways can try FTAdjust tweak which is specially designed to change the sizes of the folder titles as to the way you love to see it. If you are big fan of customizing your folders, try FTAdjust on your jailbroken iDevice for free, it is now available in Cydia’s BigBoss repository.



FVideo tweak is another cool feature for Facebook fans which allows Facebook video downloading easier than earlier. If you are one of those who worried with quality lose and troubles with Facebook video downloading can now get FVideo from Cydia BigBoss repository for free.



Rather than getting a third party dictionary support, you can now turn to SearchDefine tweak side to define words quickly through the iOS dictionary right from Spotlight. As one of the latest releases you can now try SearchDefine for a fair price of $0.99 through Cydia’s BigBoss repository.



Security is a key fact in your iOS, and most of the users have set passcodes. But how would you feel if you can change the way your passcode enters, and now it is possible with SlideMe tweak which allows your lock screen a rotary type passcode input interface to take you out of the boring number pad. If you feel interested give it a try from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for only a one time payments of $1.49.



Marquee tweak is one of the latest additions to Cydia store which give a chance to set longer folder names in your jailbroken iDevice which will scroll from left to right making you see the entire name as it moves slowly. It is a simple tweak but you can make things look in a quite interesting way with its display features with animations. So try Marquee for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository and you can try it on all iDevices running iOS 7 to latest jailbroken iOS versions.

These are some of the best jailbreak tweaks we recently heard from Cydia, if you are on a jailbroken iOS versions give a simple try to these amazing jailbreak tweaks and experience the true advancement of a jailbroken iDevice with Cydia.

iOS 9.1 is the current latest jailbreak we have and all versions above have to wait for jailbreak rights to install Cydia on iOS. If rumors are to be believed we are now getting close to a jailbreak release, probably iOS 9.3.2-iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak will unveil without a long delay. So keep visiting us to grab all latest facts from iOS jailbreak and Cydia install, and give us your feedback about the best jailbreak tweaks and current iOS jailbreak state.