A Dynamic App launcher; Exsto Jailbreak Tweak


Organizing folders properly in the home screen of your device is the best way to conserve space. But if you are feeling bored with the same old interface it might make you sluggish to work with your device, so Exsto is now available for iPhone users as a newly released jailbreak tweak to turn your iPhone’s home screen into a more adored view. You do not have to keep your setup in the same way old, you can be more. So here Exsto is simply a way to get rid of the Apple’s boring folder interface.


Get Exsto through Cydia

A proper arrangement of your iPhone home screen is absolutely important for the productivity. And it is even more important to make changes in the way you interact with the folders. Thankfully Exsto is now available in Cydia for your jailbroken iDevice. If you are a jailbreak user, Cydia is the most loved part in it. In fact it is the best way to make modifications in the way your device looks. Exsto is not only the thing you get through Cydia, there are thousands of advanced applications to tweak your jailbroken iDevice. Cydia cannot be reached without jailbreak. So if you a jailbreaker you can experience all these vast changes in your iDevice through Cydia install.

For what Exsto made for?

Exsto is one of the recently released jailbreak tweak that can turn your Home screen folders menu into a radial style in view. It can re-size the folders and apps located in your home screen in order to save the space of your home screen to look in a neat and better way.

What Exsto do is just comment favorably on the existing folder interfaces, in fact it does not replace the interface. A tap on the folder gives the ordinary Apple’s folder interface as usual. By getting Exsto you will clearly notice the way folders of your iPhone look and work differently than the old boring. The most important thing about Exsto is, it is not only to change the way it looks but also it affects the way you access and launch apps stored in the folders. You can tap and hold on a folder icon on your home screen to get the radial menu. Then you can select the app that you want to launch by dragging your finger. The menu is consist of the apps you have selected for a certain folder, if you have more apps for the same folder, Exsto will there automatically adjust space for the apps, so that the radial menu can display all the apps at once. The interesting thing is Exsto can adjust the space automatically to match with the number of apps you have selected for a certain folder.


The main advantage of getting Exsto is its faster operations, it lets you launch the apps from the folder quickly and easily. For more it makes you comfortably pick the app you want from a single place. So no need to search here and there to reach where you want, you can now keep them all at an easy place to get whenever you want without wasting time.

Features of Exsto

  • Inspiring Dynamic style.
  • Long press on the folder icon will give the radical menu with the selected apps you have put.
  • Experience faster way to launch apps.
  • The feature to show the pending notifications on apps with a red glow.
  • Configurations to get a smooth functionality in respect to personal preferences. Like enabling or disabling the tweak, control the red glow that appear to remind about the pending notifications, choose or limit the number of app icons to appear in the interface, control the limit for app icons and more.


This Exsto is an inspiring tweak you can have on your jailbroken iDevice to get apps faster and effectively in combine with a new style. It will keep your favorite applications in an easy to access position on your home screen.

To my personal subjectivity this feature is a beneficial tweak and more exciting to deal with. With the easy drag gesture you can effortlessly launch the app you want without wasting your time. If you are a jailbroken iDevice owner who wish to experience these exciting features, Exsto is available on Cydia’s Bigboss repository for $0.99 and it is compatible with iOS 8 and iOS 9 as well. Jailbreak and Cydia has made iOS more advanced in adding these kinds of new features, So if you are in view of jailbreaking, do not forget to visit Exsto for a dynamic folder interface experience in your iDevice.