Apple has stopped signing iOS 9.3

On early this week, Apple has stopped signing iOS 9.3, in fact downgrading from a more recent iOS release (iOS 9.3.1) or downgrading through iOS 9.3 is no longer possible.

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What is iOS Downgrading? How it is important?

It is the usual theory of Apple’s Operating system. Downgrading to a certain iOS version is limited only for a convinced time period, there after they close the gates of downgrading as well as putting barriers on signing to the related iOS version. Downgrading is basically the process of installing a previous software version to the iOS version you are currently in operation. This is very much favorable for those who are in touch with jailbreak, in fact to save the jailbreak. If you update to a new version that is yet far from jailbreak, downgrading will allow you to come back to iOS version which has jailbreak entree. As to latest news Apple has stopped signing iOS 9.3, discontinuing the downgrading from the latest iOS 9.3.1. If you try with downgrading it will let you remain with an error message.


How it powers jailbreakers and Cydia lovers?

As I mentioned above, this downgrading is important to save the jailbreak. As there is no jailbreak available for iOS versions after iOS 9.1, no major issues on jailbreakers with this change Apple made recently. If the next jailbreak will surely be for iOS 9.3, it could be a reason to repent at that point for those who were still stick to iOS previous versions, as gates for iOS 9.3 are closed by now for Cydia install as well. Additionally everyone is forced to upgrade iOS 9.3.1 hereafter. So the role of the jailbreak developing teams has now elevated greater than before as the excitement has doubled of the waiting crowd for the next jailbreak news and to get access to real Cydia.


Apple’s Next update iOS 9.3.2; Will there be Cydia Access?

In this point we could not ignore the upcoming iOS 9.3.2. As it is still in its 1st beta we cannot say when it will be released, but we can hope for soon release as iOS 9.3 had stopped signing by now. And also there will be a compatible jailbreak tools in near future, for the long awaited iOS crowd. There is a big possibility of getting next jailbreak release for iOS upcoming release letting real Cydia install on iOS 9.3.2, more than a possibility it lies on guesswork. So if it happens iOS 9.3 signing barriers will no longer be problematic for newly signing jailbreak and Cydia crowd.

At this moment, iOS 9.3.1 is the latest iOS output, so if you are signing with your latest iDevice this iOS version is available, but unfortunately those who looked for iOS 9.3 is out of luck by now. If we consider about this iOS 9.3.1, it came to the public in the end of March as an advanced update over iOS 9.3 in addressing its web crashing issue. In fact it can be call a significant update aiming at fixes than features. As Apple now has made downgrading out of reach, those who wish to restore through iTunes can easily install iOS 9.3.1 for a satisfactory iOS experience.