Apple watch 2; All you need to know about Apple’s Next Attempt to Smart Wearable World

2016 will be a winning year for the tech giant Apple with all innovations they have planned on coming times. As Apple has stepped successfully in to every corner in the world of technology, we have more to talk on Apple’s success story. And today we take this chance to make you aware of the latest updates on Apple Watch 2 to come in few months ahead.


Apple watch 2 release date and Features you can expect

As Apple’s attempt on touching the smart wearable world with Apple watch was succeeded to the highest since the day it started showcasing in April 2015. And now its turn to Apple watch 2 to make a considerable remark in user’s minds.

Apple has its own pattern of releasing their products, in respect to that Apple Watch 2 is expected to be announced September 2016. In feature wise there can be more improvements than Apple’s first launch. So fashion and function can be clearly find in this design of Apple Watch 2. As to latest rumors developers are more focused on bringing health related sensors with this upcoming gadget targeting improved health app support.


In design the first launch of Apple watch is still rules in our minds as it has come with such notable models, this time it could be thinner and more fitting for the hand. In feature wise we can definitely expect for more in addition to enhancements for the current available functions like FaceTime calling, improved health app support and more technology support.

Apple Watch 2 Expected Features

  • Apple Watch 2 is expected to launch in existing watch models with several improvements
  • Will feature improved health related sensors to catch all most all your health rates
  • It is expected to be launched in an improved design
  • Could be function entirely independent from iPhone
  • Could expect a new improved watch Operating system
  • Better performance and improved battery


If you are in view of fashion and function at once, apple watch 2 is the best choice you can get. With this latest wearable you could be able to rest your expensive gadget in your pocket while managing all the things with wrist power. As the date has rumored as September, we can expect more changes to what we mention above. So stay in touch to get all updates on this latest Apple smart Watch.

In consideration to price it will probable to range from £300 to £14,000 inc VAT. To all the improved functionality that will come with this smart watch, we have no chance to expect a price drop. But definitely it will worth for what you pay. As we have few more time ahead to know the official announcement of this Apple watch 2, there will be more and more rumors with time. Therefore With the promise of giving reliable updates we will stop here hoping to come back through a more updated note.