Apple’s Annual Developer Conference 2016 has Big Plans-iOS 10 Update on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple’s annual developer conference is planned to be held in June probably from 13th onwards. Number of parties waiting for the event WWDC is high as Apple will have big plans with the event. You will get number of facts about Apple’s upcoming releases with this event, specially about updates you will receive on Apple’s Operating System, for more about iOS, OS X, tv OS and Watch OS are highly expected. As most are eager to know about latest iOS versions, here is our review on all what we can expect from iOS 10 update with WWDC event in June.


iOS 10 at a Glance

Among the number of innovations we can expect from WWDC event, iOS 10 will have a remarkable place, as most iOS users are very eager to know what surprises iOS 10 would feature over iOS 9 in 2016.

As to the leaked facts so far we can keep trust on iOS 10 innovations, with Apple’s obvious attempts on its enhancements. At a glance iOS 10 is expected to be well polished over current iOS features including improvements to Siri, Apple Pay, Photos app and music.

Expected Feature from iOS 10

  • An improved iCloud voice mail system with Siri
  • Improved features to camera app
  • Option to hide or remove stock apps
  • Best features for Google maps
  • App for Homekit
  • Customizable control center
  • Improvements to message app

iOS 10 Release Date


iOS 10 has raised excitement in users even before it released, in fact the number of rumors are getting higher day by day. But we cannot exactly predict when iOS 10 will be unveiled yet, however you will get enough facts very soon with the event WWDC in June, for more you will be exactly informed the date of release, included features and more. So wait until June to know more about iOS 10 in addition to rumors that are ruling currently. So iOS 10 will probably arrive in September 2016, and this upcoming event will tell something positive about iOS 10 1st beta release. Therefore be ready for Apple’s iOS 10 chapters.

iOS 10 Cydia Install

As Apple is in a plan of starting their big chapters with iOS 10, we would be able to get more excitements on Cydia install and jailbreak facts on iOS 10. Jailbreak teams were quite silent for a considerable time period, which might tell about the preparations of jailbreak developers on a surprising release. As immediately as iOS 10 arrives even with a beta, jailbreak developers will surely start finding a way to work with a jailbreak. So we can keep hopes on Cydia install and jailbreak on iOS 10, but there is more time to go.