Best Cydia Tweaks to Your jailbroken iDevice

At a moment where iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak is most concerned, we thought of sharing latest updates on Cydia Tweaks. With Apple’s recent iOS announcements jailbreak and Cydia install were much discussed as the no-jailbreak state continues for a considerable time. To the latest assumptions the wait will end probably before WWDC event in June, so get ready with latest Cydia Tweaks to make your jailbroken device up to what your heart desires.


By Jailbreaking, you consider of bringing new advancements to your iDevice, through Cydia you get closer to what you are looking for. So here we have latest Cydia tweaks listed for your knowledge, which can be useful to know in advance to upcoming iOS jailbreak.

Latest Releases to Cydia store



Sometimes you might not feel satisfied with options you have gifted in messaging with stock settings on your iDevice, especially like in scheduling messages. Kairos is one of the latest Cydia tweaks you can grab through Cydia store which allows you easy scheduling your messages and also iMessages. It is a great application you can have in your jailbroken iDevice to designate a definite time or date to receive in respect to each of your individual message. You can now get Kairos for $0.99, and it is worth more than you pay.

Theme store


Theme store is a new jailbreak tweak which comes with interesting things actually you can use more. It is especially to change your App Store application at the same time adding more features. With Theme Store you can have an effective control over your app installation and management. So grab it free through BigBoss Cydia repo and customize the app store with Theme Store which also includes quick uninstall interface.



This is an ideal tweak to those who want to change the size and some more of the folder titles with different dimensions. With TitleFolderSize you can change the sizes of the titles that are with your folders while making color changes as well. If are in view of these changes in your jailbroken iDevice, you can use TitleFolderSize Cydia tweak for free in Cydia.

Round the Profile pic


By adding the square trend to history, a new jailbreak tweak has arrived to make your Facebook and twitter profile pics to look in a round effect. You can get it free through Cydia’s BigBoss repository and add round profile pic effect your Facebook and Twitter on your iOS. It simply enables a new look over the traditional square picture view with a smart aesthetic change. If you think the square does not go with your iOS standards, simply switch into this latest Cydia tweak with your jailbroken iDevice for a cool change.



If you want more features to WhatsApp Messenger in iOS 9, you can now get WAEnhancer9 for free through Cydia store. It supports WhatsApp application and allows you more tweaked settings like lock chats, schedule messages, record options, advanced customization, extensive file transferring and more.

These are few tweaks you can try on your jailbroken iDevice, and stay in touch to get more knowledge on recent releases. Jailbreak let you make advanced changes, but it is totally under your responsibility on the Cydia tweaks you choose for your device. As Cydia repos for 2016 have also expanded by now, you will get more Cydia tweaks in approaching days. So stay in touch to know latest applications you can try on you jailbroken device to experience tweaked settings.