ios 10 bonus features

Bonus Features of iOS 10

The latest iteration of its mobile OS, iOS 10 was announced by apple during tonight’s WWDC 2016 keynote. In our previous articles, we discussed that what’s new in iOS 10. We mentioned that iOS 10 comes with awesome new message app, voicemail transcriptions, camera effects, revamped apple music, new home app, revamped lock screen and more. Today, I take you through the bonus features of iOS 10.

ios 10 bonus features

RAW images in iOS 10

If you are using iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE or 9.7 inch iPad pro, you will have the option to take RAW images after download iOS 10 on existing devices. It means, captured image will offer a lot more level of detail for those who want to edit the photos professionally. The RAW images will be naturally bigger than normal in file size. You will be pleased to know that the RAW images feature will not be only available through the rear-facing camera and it is impossible to use image stabilitsation.

iOS 10 allows to delete pre-installed apps!

Apple did not mention this point in their keynote presentation, because users opt to carry out this feature to delete apples apps. But it is actually a huge relief in iOS 10, because users can get back the storage space of their device by deleting many of apple’s preinstalled apps from your iPhone or iPad. But apple do not take up much space anyway, they use less than 150MB.

Actually, apps are not really deleted. It means that all app icon is hidden, links to functions like Siri are temporarily severed and you can see the app is deleted. But the app itselt remains on your device system and only icon is hidden from your view.

How to re-download the deleted app : If you need to re-bring back the deleted app, then visit to the app store and search the app and then redownload it.

delete apps

Stock iOS keyboard

The stock iOS keyboard has a very slight different sound.

Slight changes to the app and folder animations

We can found some few changes of apps and folder animations, which make the folders in your app drawer zoom in from the center of your device screen than the folder’s location on the screen.

Enable/Disable the read receipts

In iOS 10, you will be able to enable or disable the read receipt that were introduced back in iOS 7. You can change it per contact or group.

iOS 10 supports to finding a place to park your car

iOS 10 now remembers where you have left your car. Apple maps in iOS 10 knows that when you disconnect your iOS device with your iPhone from the car’s Bluetooth. Your iOS 10 iPhone will remember that where you last parked your car and give you direction back to it. So it is very useful function comes as the one of the bonus features of iOS 10. Also it allows you to edit the location of the parked car with an updated location. Also you can add more context to the dropped pin by adding the parking or level lot number. Awesome!.

apple car

Default Clock app change

The default clock app comes with Wake Alarm and Bedtime feature in the latest iOS 10. It allows you to remind you to get your desire hours of sleep and when to go to sleep.

Removed iOS Game Center

iOS Game Center is being complete removed from the default stock apps, because it uses less than 1% of people actually.


The Safari app has receive with some changes. Now you have ability to open unlimited tabs with the mobile browser, in iOS 10 users could open 36 tabs only.