Cydia Download on iOS 9.3.1; What we know so far

Cydia is the best part of jailbreak which can make all the advanced changes in the system files of iOS in order to get notable enhancements in device functionality. But Cydia download is possible only with jailbreak, so if you do not get a compatible jailbreak tool in respect to the iOS version you are running. Under recent iOS releases, we hardly hear something fresh about Cydia or jailbreak. So it’s time for us to make you aware about jailbreak possibilities and hopes on Cydia download on iOS 9.3.1.

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Can I get Cydia on my iOS 9.3.1?

The possibility of getting Cydia installed is coming with the iOS version you are running in admiration to device model. In fact jailbreak possibilities of each iOS version suggests its Cydia access. No jailbreak means no Cydia at all. Some try of getting Cydia with various ways, but jailbreak is the only way to reach Cydia, in fact a successful jailbreak installs Cydia automatically on your Apple device.

In consideration to iOS 9.3.1, we still do not have a jailbreak release, so Cydia seems bit far from reach to all recent iOS releases that is still under no jailbreak state. Even though the crowd is bit puzzled with this jailbreak delay, we still have possibilities of getting a compatible tool in near future. iOS 9.3.1 is latest iOS version available today with more fixes implemented. There were so many stories about an upcoming jailbreak tool related to these latest iOS releases since the announced date, but this time fresh rumors can be trusted for a soon result.

As the wait for the next jailbreak is aimed to be end with iOS 9.3 and iOS 9.3.1 to the most, we can largely expect them to be jailbreakable with the next announcement that will probably come by June. In most cases the next jailbreak announcement will make both iOS 9.3 and iOS 9.3.1 crowd happy. So let us take some more time know whether there is something right to the direction from developers to iOS 9.3.1 Cydia install.

More Cydia Repos are waiting!


As we know Cydia gets updated to latest versions with more features and advancements. By now the list of Cydia repos ready to give service in 2016 has grown for a considerable length. As soon as iOS 9.3.1 come with jailbreak access, you can start loving all these latest Cydia features which can boost your iDevice like never before.

Cydia download on any iOS version


Even though jailbreak differs from version to version, Cydia installation process seems almost same in every version. There aren’t any additional configurations, if you run your jailbreak process with attention, Cydia installation will automatically happen preventing extra effort.

  • Step 1: Download the suitable jailbreak tool on your desktop, every time look for the compatibility checker to find the best matching tool for your iOS version
  • Step 2: Back up your Device using iTunes or iCloud
  • Step 3: Then connect your device to the PC
  • Step 4: Follow the screen instructions and run the jailbreak process until it notify as succeeded
  • Step 5: Once the process is done, wait for few second to install Cydia

That is all you have do with the compatible tool jailbreak, once it is done Cydia will automatically be installed and then you get right to make all advanced changes in your operating system.

Getting a proper tool to match with your operating system version is important for a successful Cydia install. So if you are in view of Cydia install on iOS 9.3.1, you must take this wait for few more days ahead.