Will Rootless Security System make impossible to Jailbreak iOS 10?

iOS 10 has already unveiled by apple for developers on 13th of June, 2016. If you have been visiting our website everyday, I think that you have already read the complete review of iOS 10, comes lots of new features and some changes making awesome experience for apple fans. With iOS 10 announcement, most of cydia fans opt to search about its jailbreak possibility. So today I think to discuss about the current situation of ‘jailbreak iOS 10’.

While apple works for iOS 10, there are so many rumors for iOS 10 jailbreak popping up in the technology industry and jailbreak experts are making predictions about iOS 10 cydia install ability. However, the latest iOS 10 jailbreak rumors is bad news for jailbreakers, because according to those rumors apple will enhance the security for iOS 10 by improving the new security system called rootless which was included in iOS 9. Rumors indicate that rootless will make it impossible to jailbreak iOS 10 like iOS 9.

ios 10 jailbreak

What is this ‘Rootless’ technology

Rootless is the kernel-level security feature initially integrated with iOS 9. According to reviewers, rootless brings bigger changes for hackers and it will prevent administrator-level users from being able to access certain protected files on idevices making the apple devices much harder to jailbreak. Rootless is the more powerful security system comes with ability to kill jailbreak making safety for apple OS.

‘Rootless’ and iOS 10 jailbreak

During the recent years, apple has been working for its kernel security feature to kill the rampant jailbreaking. I think that they have almost succeeded in iOS 9. Some reports unveiled that apple is said to be working on a rootless in iOS 10 which will make it impossible to jailbreak iOS 10. With this rootless technology, as I mentioned, administrator level users will not be able to access certain file systems. However, jailbreakers will difficult to finding security holes in iOS 10 to design a jailbreak software if apple has already decided to out iOS 10 with rootless technology.

iOS 10 beta testing period reportedly will take place for a few months since July and will be eventually released to the general public come in 2016 September. iOS 10 might be released together with iPhone 7 according some reports. However, you will be need to wait patiently until update our articles with correct details of iOS 10 jailbreak.