Download iOS 10 – Beta 2 is Now Released

At the event WWDC started from June 13th, the 1st beta of latest iOS 10 was released as a preview only for developer parties. And even before the public release of iOS 10 beta 1, the second beta has now announced again for the registered developers.

iOS 10 beta 2 developer version comes with the build number “14A5297c”, and it is only available for registered members of the Apple developer program. If you are willing to Download iOS 10 on your iDevice, go through our complete note to know what iOS 10 beta 2 features.

download iOS 10

Download iOS 10 Beta 2

As iOS 10 latest beta has only announced to developers, registered members are accessed to iOS 10 beta 2 download over the air or from Apple developer center. If you are a public tester, you will have to wait few more days ahead to download iOS 10 beta as it is confirmed to release in month July. If you are not yet signed to the program, visit official Apple beta testing website to register with the program free of charge.

What is new with iOS 10 Beta 2

iOS 10 is the gigantic chapter expected to unveil in September, which is known as the biggest release ever in iOS chapters. Since the announced date, no report has left without talking iOS 10 features, in fact a lot of feature enhancements are expected through latest iOS 10.

iOS 10 features

The recently released iOS 10 beta 2 is a good example to get an idea about what to expect in iOS 10 at its final build. Therefore we thought of listing all notable changes featured in iOS 10 beta 2, if you think there is more, write us about how you see iOS 10 latest beta in your eyes.

  • Notification center in a redesigned look with useful widgets
  • Music app for an enhanced Apple music experience with more downloadable music
  • Improved Message app with a new section for more management
  • iMessages extensions
  • Allow to send digital touch messages to both iOS 10 and non iOS 10 users
  • More options to heath app in iOS 10 beta 2
  • New rest finger to unlock
  • Redesigned HomeKit
  • Control center with 3D touch shortcuts
  • Apple’s Feedback app

In addition to above you will be able to notice many notable changes in iOS 10 beta 2, check the video given below to know more about iOS 10 beta 2.

Some of the expected features were still missing in iOS beta, so keep visiting us to grab all updates about iOS 10 Download and hope to write you more with upcoming iOS beta releases. You would be able to know a lot more with iOS 10 beta public release which will be only a few weeks away, so keep visiting us and get updated with all latest.

Download iOS 10

As to the revealed facts you will have to wait until September to Download iOS 10, but there will be more updates with beta releases of latest iOS 10 as Apple willing to test these biggest iOS chapter for a considerable time period. So stay tuned and know how iOS 10 download would benefit you in every way.

iOS 10 Jailbreak

iOS 10 jailbreak

iOS 10 is the centered topic for most discussions, and it comes with no change when we consider about iOS jailbreak. As to iH8sn0w and recently revealed Pangu facts, iOS 10 jailbreak is possible, so we can keep hopes on Cydia iOS 10 for an advanced iOS experience in addition to all goodies packed. Stay tuned and be one of the first to get updated with all latest iOS facts.