Download iOS 10 for a Better Map Experience

Since the day iOS 10 was officially announced, we brought some of its inspiring features which could make your iOS experience absolutely better and smart. And now are going to turn to iOS 10 Redesigned maps which have come in an improved interface to serve you the best by giving a good guidance to your daily  destinations. If you are one of those who eagerly waiting to Download iOS 10, this piece of writing would make you more excited for sure, so read until the end and grab all latest facts about iOS 10 Download benefits.

download iOS 10

Apple Maps in iOS 10 with a Major overhaul

If  you are a big fan of iOS maps, you must download iOS 10, as it introduces a new look to your iOS maps together with some impressive features. The main intention of developers is to make iOS maps  easier to handle, it is obviously revealed in the video below. Before move further, check the given video for a clearer view of iOS 10 new map app.

As you notice in the given video, you will find a search window and an overview of your current location as immediately as you open the new apple Map app. If you swipe upwards from the search bar you will find a list of suggestions that you might select to visit. All the suggestions come with the recent records, in fact it brings up options for you based on the recent places you have visited, calendar events, appointments you have saved in addition to general habits of the individual user. At a glance this is a super cool feature in iOS 10 Maps app which make you more excited to download iOS 10 on your iDevice.

download iOS 10

Know Your Route Better

iOS Maps app give you a great assistant to avoid traffic, in fact it features advanced traffic information system which gives you a clearer idea about traffic on the selected route. Not only that it also helps you to find alternative routes options and routes that avoid the toll paths. In the new interface, you will be able to zoom and see the traffic conditions in a closer view. And also there is an option to check along a specific route to find the best places for a coffee, food, shop and more. In additionally, maps will automatically adjust the route for captures shops giving a rough idea about the time you will have to spend to get near.

Difficult to find your Car Location, then Download iOS 10

download iOS 10

In the new messages app, you will get an advantageous feature to find your car location easily, which automatically saves your car location and it will not let you forget it anytime thereafter. in addition to that, Developers will get more options with new Apple maps help, where they can do things like booking a reservation or call an uber just staying in the Apple map. In that way, the new Apple map will become a great assistant throughout your daily routine by saving your precious time. And all CarPlay users should not let this chance to move as it comes with a handful of extensions to CarPlay features.

When to Download iOS 10?

As to the confirmed facts, you would be able to download iOS 10 from September onward, and iOS 10 beta 1 will be unveiled very soon within a week or two away. So keep visiting us to grab all latest facts about iOS 10, and willing to write you more about iOS 10 features in a different way.

Cydia on iOS 10


Even though iOS 10 packs a lot of goodies with it, there is a group of people looking for Cydia on iOS 10. As iH8sn0w revealed iOS 10 jailbreak is possible, but we will have to wait for an official release which will be months away from now. At the event “MOSEC 2016” recently held in Shanghai, Pangu jailbreak developers have rumored about a soon approaching tool for long-awaited iOS 9.3.2, together with that they have screencast a working jailbreak for iOS 10 to hint that they are heavily focused on iOS next biggest chapter. So keep visiting us to grab all latest facts about iOS 10, including all jailbreak updates.