Following iOS 9.3.2 Update on iPad Pro- know about “Error 56”

Apple has made the crowd refreshed by bringing iOS 9.3.2 update on 16th of May with improvements and fixes implemented. In compatibility wise iOS 9.3.2 is supportive for all iOS 9 supported devices with no issues, excluding iPad pro 9.7 inch model. Since the date of announcement there were reports saying iPad pro has remained with an “Error 56” after updating iOS 9.3.2. So here is the latest note to know how Apple plans to answer the matter.


iOS 9.3.2 Apple’s latest software update

As expected iOS 9.3.2 has come to the public with more fixes and improvements than iOS 9.3.1, the previous version which addressed buggy iOS 9.3. So finally iOS 9.3.2 has now arrived focusing the rest. In fact it includes fixes to audio quality drop in iPhone SE when paired to Bluetooth accessories, Kana Keyboard problem, issue with B2B apps installation and more. In addition to that iOS 9.3.2 download will let you experience number of security improvements as well.


iOS 9.3.2 started to brick iPad Pro

Minutes after iOS 9.3.2 official arrival and install, some 9.7 inch iPad pro devices have started reporting on bricks, in fact iOS 9.3.2 has caused some iPad Pro models to be unresponsive after upgraded to iOS 9.3.2. As a result hundreds of complains have come in forums and through social media, asking for a proper support from Apple.

The devices going through this problem get a screen with a message saying it should be plugged in to a computer and restore immediately with iTunes. But none of these have helped to get rid of the bricked state, including multiple reboots. If you tried restoring, you will remain with a message like “Error 56”, which is Apple see as a hardware issue as to the official support website. But none of them agreed to the argument as this problem has raised shortly after installing iOS 9.3.2. So clearly that should be a result of a bug iOS 9.3.2 has come with iPad Pro models, especially for 9.7 inch latest model.

Apple is looking in to “Error 56”

Even though there are only few reported issues has come with iOS 9.3.2 on 9.7 inch iPad Pro, Apple has started inspecting the elements behind this, as it has reported as a serious matter which has caused your expensive gadget to remain bricked. As to the Apple statement they are now in search of this problem related to updating the iOS 9.3.2 software version. And those who were unable to restore the device through iTunes can get the Apple support by contacting the responsible parties, in fact Apple is willing to acknowledge the trouble and we can keep hopes on a soon arriving solution as well.


The bug is mostly reported on 9.7 inch latest model rather than 12.9 inch one. And at the moment it has only affected a small number of users, but the problem has wide spread all over the world by now. Excepting this, there were no troubles have reported so far on iOS 9.3.2 install, and other iDevices have smoothly gone with the installation.

However we can hope for soon respond from Apple, in fact a new iOS version will probably come within a week to address this bug, it could be iOS 9.3.3, or else iOS 9.3.2 itself with the fix. Until then it is absolutely wise not to get iOS 9.3.2 on your iPad Pro. So move on holding the update and wait to see how Apple will respond this serious issue.