Best Ways iOS 10 Makes your iOS Experience Better

Worldwide Developer Conference started from 13th June was full of iOS 10 discussions, in Tim Cook’s words, this is the “biggest release ever” as it includes a variety of enhancements to your current iOS experience. Developers who are signed to iOS developer beta program can now start measuring to how far iOS 10 improvements are succeeded as a developer preview of iOS 10 is available from 13th of June. If you are a public beta tester, iOS 10 beta 1 will be received over the air in July, so sign up to the public beta testing program of Apple by visiting the official web page.


As a release date is not yet confirmed by Apple, we can expect iOS 10 to unveil around September together with iPhone 7 launch, so if you are excited on iOS 10 like I do, be ready with your iPhone iPad or iPod touch, if you are from iPhone 5 and above, iPad 4, iPad mini 2 and above or 6th Generation iPod Touch.

What Goodies are packed with iOS 10?

In feature wise latest iOS 10 packs plenty of improved features to enhance your current iOS experience. These additions are extremely interesting, so I thought of writing on some of my favorites, check and see is this what you like too.

Messages app in iOS 10


This is one of the enhanced features you find in iOS 10 as it is one of the most used by iOS users. Unlike iOS 8 or iOS 9 Apple has paid more attention on iOS 10 Messages app features by introducing amazing features, to make your iOS 10 message app not just for messaging. So check below to know what they are.

  • Animated stickers
  • iMessages with animated background
  • Bubble effect
  • Send drawings with Digital touch
  • Rich link support
  • Send pictures with more editing and camera effects
  • Handwritten messaging options
  • More emojis with bigger sizes and more

Lock Screen Experience in iOS 10


In iOS 10 Apple has make your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch lock screen absolutely smart, which let you manage some of your tasks easily even without unlocking your device for several times, below are some of the inspiring features you can grab with iOS 10 lock screen.

  • Raise to wake option for lock screen
  • Enhanced notifications for 3D touch users
  • Slide to unlock replaced with a Widget Panel
  • Quick access to camera with swiping to left feature
  • More options to handle your third party apps from the lock screen

Siri Features with iOS 10


By Upgrading iOS 10 you will be able to do more with Siri, where your commands will absolutely worth for what to be done. Below listed are some Siri improvements you would be able to experience with iOS 10.

  • Introduced a SiriKit SDK which allows Siri to be combined into third-party apps
  • More command to more functions with Siri
  • Siri will function on messaging, ride booking, photo searching, payments handing, VoIP calling, and also workouts

Delete Stock apps if you do not feel of keeping


Apps that have come pre-installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is somewhat irritating, and option to delete or hide stock apps was a long wanted thing for iOS users. And finally iOS 10 will come with an answer.

With iOS 10 you will be able to move many built-in apps to iOS App Store as standalone downloads which can be re-download or delete as you prefer, some of them are,

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • iTunes Store
  • Mail
  • Maps
  • Watch app
  • Compass
  • iBooks

The Photo App in iOS 10


With iOS 10, your Photo app will get more features to handle your loved memories, let us see what they are,

  • Updated with “Siri intelligence” where recognitions techniques are powerfully used
  • Image recognition options with date, location to revisit easily
  • Allow users to advanced search options which bring all related images to up of the search
  • Useful features are added for more ease of large photo library users
  • More editing for your Photos
  • All these enhancements are powered by a device’s GPU so no security threats

Improvements to Apple Music


In iOS 10 Apple Music will be one of the redesigned features you will love to play as a simpler interface is gifted with more useful feature additions. So you can discover your content easily as they are stored in the most appropriate way.

  • Apple music with Album art feature
  • Simple interface
  • “Connect” tab will be gone and a new section will have replaced for more ease
  • Built-in feature to display lyrics

Better Mapping with iOS 10


Google Map is a big feature in your iDevice, and iOS 10 has made it refreshed by adding more features for easy control. In iOS 10 map is not only to check the route, in fact if becomes a great assistant throughout the whole time you are on the way.

  • Map extensions to integrate with apps which prevent users clicking on multiple apps
  • Updated with Siri intelligence
  • Supportive map suggestions
  • iOS 10 Map will help you to find what you wish to visit along the way
  • Extensive map support to find car location
  • Advanced features for CarPlay users

At a glance iOS 10 is a great successor to iOS 9, as it comes packed with plenty of new features sometimes you wish to gain through a jailbreak. Apple has now answered those who keep saying iOS stock settings lacks enough features by introducing iOS 10. So you would be able to get many advanced features with this latest iOS 10 to get a better iOS experience like never before.


iOS 10 does not pack all jailbreak benefits, but there you can experience many advanced features you loved in most popular jailbreak tweaks. So you would not blame jailbreak developers if in any case they take a longer time for a iOS 10 jailbreak tool release, as you will get enough features to play until jailbreak developers try with a working tool.

iOS 10 jailbreak is still a less discussing topic as Apple has not revealed anything confirmed about iOS 10 security settings yet, but from July the things will change, in fact the discussions on iOS 10 jailbreak will rise as Apple is planning to release iOS 10 beta 1 in July. So stay in touch to grab all new facts about latest iOS 10 and its jailbreak possibilities to Cydia install as soon as a possibility revealed.