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Download iOS 10 For New Home App – Releases In September

Apple has announced iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with lots of new features. Among them, today we are going to discuss a bit about the new Home app comes with upcoming iOS 10. For every public testers, hopefully, you can download iOS 10 beta in July.

Homekit, apple’s smart home accessory framework is gaining more attention in iOS 10. Apple’s new Home app comes with a modern look, access to accessories, easy to use controls and scenes from anywhere on iOS 10. Apple puts new built-in Home app in iOS 10 on the iPhone’s home screen and also you can access a ton of functions from the lock screen. After install iOS 10 on your device, home app will be a single destination for control for your homekit products like smart cameras, door locks and more. There is a new stock app in iOS 10 that most people expect and it works from the lock screen of your iPhone. Not only for iPhone, the new Home app is included in watchOS 3.

Testing on 9.7 inch iPad pro shows 12 accessories and 12 scenes and iPhone SE, Homekit shortcuts in Control center show up for 9 favorite accessories and 8 favorite scenes. You can click the home icon to open the full app or scenes to toggle between the two mods. Pressing and holding any accessory shortcut invokes a full screen controller.

Download iOS 10

Content of New iOS 10 Home App

You will need to download iOS 10 for the new home app. The new home app contains three main screens like Home, Rooms and Automation. The ‘Home’ screen gives you a summary status of what is happening around your home. Also you can customize and arrange your favorite scenes and accessories. You need to download each accessory marker’s app.

‘Rooms’ is the second screen. It lets you swipe between various rooms you create in your house. Each root can have its own wallpaper too.

‘Automation’ is the third screen which allows you to put Homekit to work using various triggers to active accessories and scenes.

Features of New Home App

You can control brightness with slick slider. Homekit setup includes the 3 colored bulbs that were bundled with the bridge plus more affordable Philips Hue White bulbs which are limited to control brightness throughout your home.

Philips Hue color Ambience light supports a range of color options so home lets you pick from a color wheel, present color or my color. You can save six present colors to your favorites.

Home presents a slider control that allows user easily adjust the target temperature from anywhere. Even you can quickly change between modes including heat, off, cool and auto.

In iOS 10 home app, automatically turn on 3 porch lights at sunset and turn them off at sunrise.

Automation in the new home app supports location when arriving or leaving any addres using other accessory actions like sensors and triggers.

iOS 10 features

In the bottom line, new home app in iOS 10 is very impressive and quite promising. Every developer those who has registered on apple developer program can download iOS 10 beta through apple developer center or Over-the-air. As most rumors, everybody will be able to download iOS 10 probably in September this year.