New iOS 10 Features : Photos with facial recognition

Apple has unveiled lots of new iOS 10 features during its keynote presenting at the WWDC 2016 on 13th of June. There are so many new additions and some changes can be found in upcoming iOS 10 including things like an voicemail transcriptions, awesome new message app with attractive cartoon stickers, animated chat bubbles, camera effects and other extensions, new home app, revamped apple maps, photos app with facial recognition and more. iOS 10’s photos is receiving a major update with some new features and few noteworthy improvements. If you are interesting to know that what is new in iOS 10’s photos, hurry up to scroll down my article.

As I mentioned previously, iOS 10’s photos has updated by receiving several major new features like ‘Memories’ tab, maps view, facial recognition and more. Photos in iOS 10 has dedicated maps view similar to iPhoto for mac. It allows you to browse your photos on a world map, based on where you took them.

new ios 10 feature

iOS 10’s photos comes with powerful searching capabilities

The photos in iOS 10 has been updated with what apple calls ‘Siri intelligence’ which essentially equates to advanced facial, scene and object recognition. The new photos is able to scan user’s entire photo library, animals, intelligently detecting people, places, objects and grouping photos.  Here is the video proof that prove iOS 10 photos app has powerful searching capabilities. For an example, when you search for ‘cars’, it find and show all images taken of cars.

In iOS 10 new photos app, you will find world map that shows the physical location where each of a user’s photo were taken. In the next section you can read about the new ‘Memories’ in iOS 10’s photos app.

face recognition

New ‘Memories’ tab in Photos

The best new feature in iOS 10 photos app is a new ‘Memories’ tab. It can use to all image recognition, date and location information to all photos based around family events, funny times, trips and more. You will find a new option in Memories tab to watch quick video of all your photos adding your favorite music.


The tenth mobile version of iOS will be released in September to install on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with lots of new iOS 10 features. Hopefully, we hope to continue this discussion about more new features we expect with iOS 10.