iOS 9.2 – 9.2.1 jailbreak status

Can I jailbreak iOS 9.2-iOS 9.2.1 on iPhone or iPad is a most discussed thread for jailbreakers these days, with the sudden release of another jailbreak for iOS 9.1 in March 2016 has made iOS fans even more excited to know about what it is the iOS 9.2-9.2.1 jailbreak status is?


A quick view on the purpose of jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is removing Apple’s restrictions on iOS devices (iPad, iPod touch, iPhone) or else we can say making modifications to the operating system that are not authorized by Apple. In the other hand Jailbreaking is a violation of the terms and conditions once you agreed to, in order to use your iOS. It gives more flexibility on your device’s functionality allowing the downloads of apps and many customization features that have not been approved by Apple. You are able to add additional applications to your iDevice. It allows you to do so by adding an application called Cydia to your device. For example unapproved third party apps, tweaks, mods, custom themes, utilities and many options from Cydia, an unofficial app store for jailbroken devices.


Since the release of every major or minor update, those who are interest on jailbreaking their iDevices start finding when will they get a chance of jailbreaking in related to the iOS updates. When Apple making the iOS 9.2 available for public,  it was lucky to win the true attention of many as it came with new features and bug fixes in addition to a handful of security fixes. When we talk about latest iOS 9- 9.2.1 it has also included with some of the important bug fixes and improvements. In iOS 9.2 Apple has covered more jailbreaking exploits making it tough to reach for jailbreakers. As to what we got iOS 9.2.1 did not patch up any important jailbreak exploits,  but it comes with advanced security fixes which were TaiG or Pangu could have been used in earlier jailbreaks. So both the updates are coming with a tight security frame.

In March 2016, the sudden release of Pangu team’s new jailbreak version for iOS 9.1 was a huge shock for the whole iOS community as none of them were expecting that. If you are still on iOS 9.1, you can have jailbreak on your device. But this cannot be used for those who have already updated to iOS 9.2 – iOS 9.2.1. Nowadays a big crowd of iOS have iOS version 9.2.1 installed already. The biggest reason behind is, iOS 9.2.1’s security fixes and other improvements.


Will there be a jailbreaking for iOS 9.2 or 9.2.1?

The answer for that is, probably No. most prominent jailbreak developers like Pangu and TaiG were working on iOS 9.2-9.2.1 jailbreak since their dates of the release, but none of them wanted to make it known to the public, during our time with iOS jailbreak, what we found is, now all are waiting Apple to release their iOS 9.3 to make a clear word on jailbreak for iOS 9.2- 9.2.1 and 9.3.