iOS 9.3.1 Bug found

iOS 9.3.1 is not an hidden fact to anyone by now, in the end of March 2016 Apple released its 9.3.1 minor update as a fix to a serious problem found in iOS 9.3 major update. With that iOS 9.3.1 appeared to be a big topic even it came as a small update only to fix the web crashing issue. However according to the latest records iOS 9.3.1 has a serious bug that should have fixed soon. So it’s our turn to make you aware of the latest iOS 9.3.1 and the bug related to protection of photos and contacts.


A bug found in iOS 9.3.1

Apple is working harder on making their iOS secured compared to other platforms, but that does not mean there are not any bugs related to their operating system. The best example is the recent issue discovered with iOS 9.3.1 on iDevices with the support of 3D Touch functionality.


This update was brought to fix a bug but now it has made known some weak points which let hackers to threat on the protection of device’s privacy. Without knowing the passcode, there is no way to enter your iDevice, but here in iOS 9.3.1 a bug was found which enables hackers to successfully work through and bypass the passwords with the purpose of accessing photos and contacts as well.

How to Fix

Even though it sounds terrible, this bug can be fixed simply. This becomes a problem to those who take advantage of 3D touch functionality and Siri on the lock screen. By accessing Siri you can search twitter to which Siri will act in response by asking what to search, if you provide with any email Siri will then show a list of tweets in the search result. This will happen in iDevices which are supported with 3D touch facility. For more anyone can click on “add new contact” to get access to photos and existing contact details as well. That is how you can access both contact details and photos without any knowledge on the passcodes of the device.

As this bug was discovered recently we have to give some more time to Apple to bring a suitable fix. Until Apple works on the related issue we will give a simple idea to get rid of this matter.


Siri on the lock screen makes the problem, so you have to go to the settings app, go to Touch ID & Passcode, and then disable Siri on the lock screen. In one hand it limits you by experiencing the full dimensions of your device’s features, but in the other way you are secured. For more you can also make some changes in related to Siri, like removing photo access.

Cydia download for iOS 9.3.1

This is the only issue we are reported up to now in related to iOS 9.3.1 latest release. Even though it does not appear with  many advancements it does include fixes. So it is stable in that way even though it is a small update. As to the latest updates iOS 9.3.1 will have more chance to get Cydia download. That means most probably there will be a jailbreak tool in compatible to this latest release. So stay in touch to know latest updates on jailbreak and Cydia install in respect to iOS 9.3.1. After the jailbreak iOS 9.1, there were no fresh news from jailbreak side, therefore in coming two, three weeks we can expect developers to make a word, will hope that will bring cheers for iOS 9.3.1 crowd.



All iOS 9.3.1 followers and those who wish take part of it in future have to wait until Apple to fix this problem in a trustworthy way. Until that arrives disabling Siri on lock screen is the best option you have in order to prevent strangers from accessing photos and contacts on your iDevice without the knowledge of the owner.