iOS 9.3.2 beta is now available for public beta testers

Technology is something that changes in every day. What I see today might not be the thing you see by tomorrow, in reality everything is updating with time. If we talk in related to the most advanced operating system, it comes into sight at this point with no change. Today I release up my note in order to announce you about the freshest content from iOS side. This is to make you awake of the iOS 9.3.2 beta release.


A day after Apple released its iOS 9.3.2 beta version to developers, iOS 9.3.2 beta release for the public testers also released. It was announced too early after the release of iOS 9.3 and 9.3.1 updates, in fact about two weeks after.

Why iOS 9.3.2 beta released too early?

The pre released software updates has made the path for this early iOS beta release of iOS 9.3.2. Even though iOS 9.3 came with a handful of notable features, it followed several bugs as well. There were some issues which made iOS users tired of being disturbed. One such problem is web crashing issue. However Apple did not mistake their crowd there. After quick investigations Apple released the iOS 9.3.1 as a solution for iOS 9.3’s web crashing problem even without going for beta tests. So with that point its clear the reason why Apple released iOS 9.3.2 beta with time after time iOS releases.


What can we expect from iOS 9.3.2 in future? Will there be jailbreak and Cydia access?

iOS 9.3 was released for a big change, in fact with significant improvements. However the latest iOS 9.3.1 was released aiming at a single aspect. So what people expected through every iOS update can be not seen with iOS 9.3.1. But it definitely released for as a big fix to a dreadful matter you came across in iOS 9.3. Even though iOS 9.3.2 will be presented as a minor update, Apple here focuses on bringing some of the important fixes and improvements through this release. It is focuses on bug fixes, security improvements and additional enhancements with the relevant discovered so far, but we cannot predict exactly what it will be included.

Jailbreak and Cydia are most discussed topics with every iOS release. The excitement has doubled as no jailbreak has come after iOS 9.1. These beta releases tell us about the next iOS update in line, as to the assumptions it will not take much time to the final release. Jailbreak teams are in a plan of releasing their tool for a more stable platform, so iOS 9.3.2 upcoming release might sound close to the next jailbreak. Even though iOS 9.3 is the centered topic for a longer period of time, iOS 9.3.2 has now entered to the scenario. As it is still in beta stage there is only a small space to make judgments, however as to our view iOS 9.3.2 can largely expected to be the next jailbreak and Cydia topic.

iOS 9.3.2 beta is for whom?

As once I mentioned Apple released iOS 9.3.2 beta for developers as the first step, and then they released the public beta test version. Beta testers who have already signed up for the iOS beta testing program will receive this update over the air. But make sure you have installed the proper certificate on your iDevice in compatible with the iOS version. And for those who are still not signed but interested on getting beta experience can now sign to the Apple’s beta testing program through the beta testing website.