iOS 9.3.2 Download With More Fixes For An Improved iOS Experience

Apple has finally released iOS 9.3.2 few hours back for all iOS users with more fixes to most of annoying issues you have faced so far with iOS 9 updates. iOS 9.3.1 which came about one and a half month ago also launched addressing some fixes, specially reported with iOS 9.3 but iOS 9.3.2 have expected to address more than its earlier update. In that way iOS 9.3.2 is definitely a significant update to Apple’s Operating System even though it comes under the minor scale. In feature wise Apple has not made so much to concern on iOS 9.3.2, but in fixes wise we have more to talk as expected. So it is our turn to make you aware of the latest iOS 9.3.2 download for a better iOS 9 experience.


iOS 9.3.2 with more Fixes

Apple has finally released iOS 9.3.2 after 4 beta testing trials. As expected and convinced through beta releases, it is highly a fixes implemented iOS update. Through iOS 9.3.1 Apple has answer several bugs and improvements, and iOS 9.3.2 has come with all the rest. In fact it comes with more number of bug fixes and security improvements to your iDevices as follows,

  • Bluetooth accessory issue with iPhone SE has been fixed
  • Issue related to dictionary definitions fail has been fixed
  • Issue with typing email addresses in Kana has been fixed
  • Issue for VoiceOver users using the Alex Voice has been fixed
  • Issue that prevented MDM servers from installing Custom B2B apps has been fixed

To know more about iOS 9.3.2 security enhancements, visit Apple support webpage to get what you want to know about iOS 9.3.2 in detail.

Get iOS 9.3.2 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch; Pros and Cons


In fixes wise getting iOS 9.3.2 will let you remain with many advantages. Especially for iPhone SE users. There were many reports on the dreadful issue that most have met with Bluetooth accessories on iPhone SE. A considerable quality drop in audio with pairings of Bluetooth accessories was a most reported issue for iOS users with iPhone SE so far. Fortunately this is fixed with iOS 9.3.2 by now. In that way getting iOS 9.3.2 for iPhone SE will be important and it will not even make jailbreak dissatisfaction as iOS 9.3 has no jailbreak yet.

In security wise Apple go for improvements with every iOS update they bring, so iOS 9.3.2 is expected to be enhanced in security like number of fixes that it has implemented. During the beta stages iOS 9.3.2 featured both Night shift and Low power mode together, and fortunately nothing has changed in the official release build. So you can enjoy Night shift and Low power mode together in iOS 9.3.2.

If you are a jailbreak lover, switching to latest iOS versions matters more in compared to non jailbreakers. So those who have jailbroken iDevices should stick to the versions you already in work without getting iOS 9.3.2 or other latest updates that have no jailbreak rights yet. But if you have already updated to iOS versions after 9.1, getting iOS 9.3.2 will not make disadvantages to jailbreak crowd, as all are still in no jailbreak state. In that way iOS 9.3.2 will be beneficial for most of the users to get more fixes support for a stable iOS experience.

iOS 9.3.2 Compatibility


As to the reports this 55.5 MB iOS 9.3.2 can be trusted for good support on devices that running iOS 9. In fact this update is available for iPhone 4S and later, iPad 2 and later, all iPad mini models and iPad pros and also including fifth and sixth generation iPod Touches.

As iOS 9.3.2 released recently downgrading is possible at the time for iOS 9.3.1 which came more than a month before this update. Until Apple made the close statement users will be able downgrade to the earlier iOS release from iOS 9.3.2.

Jailbreak and Cydia Compatibility

At the moment iOS 9.3.2 cannot jailbreak to get Cydia install. At beta levels iOS 9.3.2 has proven to be jailbreakable in future with no delay from the official release. So few days more will sort out the doubts of getting iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak and Cydia download for iOS 9.3.2. Until then prevent going for alter methods to get Cydia on iDevices that you are running.

Those who are in view of getting iOS 9.3.2 can go to Settings > general > Software Update > Click on Install to get iOS 9.3.2 for enhanced iOS experience.