iOS 9.3.2 is released; Does it bring problems to latest iPad pro models

Apple has released iOS 9.3.2 for public on 16th of May as the second point release, more than a month after the first release iOS 9.3.1 which came to serve iOS 9.3. In feature wise iOS 9.3.2 has nothing much to consider, but it has come as a significant update with considerable number of fixes and improvements. In related to every iOS update we get to know about certain issues when operating in different device models, so how that will apply in iOS 9.3.2, a question most have doubted. So we thought of taking this chance to write what we know about iOS 9.3.2 problem caused in 9.7 inch iPad pro models.


iOS 9.3.2 with more fixes and improvements

This update brings performance improvements and more fixes implementation in addition to security improvements as well. For an example it fixes the Bluetooth audio bug in related iPhone SE, fixes problem with dictionary definitions and more. The size of the iOS update changes between 50 MB to 100 MB in depending on the device model. So it is important to check with the compatibility before you try with the update. In fact iOS 9.3.2 is supportive for almost all devices that are successfully working with iOS 9.

Since the released moment iOS 9.3.2 has become an update that has come with what it has promised at beta stages. So there is no matter has reported related to the iOS 9.3.2 update, apart from a single issue with the latest iPad pro.

Does iOS 9.3.2 brick the 9.7 inch iPad Pro models?

There were number reports have been found in the web saying the latest iOS 9.3.2 is bricking 9.7 inch iPad Pro, what that could really mean?

Many iPad pro users have reported a problem after switching in to iOS 9.3.2, as they are continuously getting “error 56”. These reports have come in related to iPad pro 9.7 inch model and this error 56 force user to connect the device to iTunes. But as to the reports reboot has not supported any of the devices to get rid of the matter. In fact multiple reboots also have not supported to come back to the normal mode in iPad Pro 9.7 models that upgraded to iOS 9.3.2. With this matter users have puzzled with getting iOS 9.3.2 as the threat is serious on bricking the pro models.

How Apple Answers

As to the Apple support page, “Error 56” is for hardware issues, but users are not ready to agree with what Apple support says as iOS 9.3.2 upgrade has made this matter. At the moment we cannot say anything precise to the point, but if the fault is in Apple’s side, you can trust the developers for a soon fix. Until then prevent from getting iOS 9.3.2 on iPad pro and make sure to be with the iOS version that you are currently in operation.