iOS 9.3.2 Update with a fix for iPhone SE and more

After four beta releases, finally Apple has announced iOS 9.3.2 to all iOS users with more fixes and improvements as expected. iPhone SE users will be very much happy as iOS 9.3.2 update that come with 91.7 MB in size has fixed the issue with audio quality when paired to Bluetooth Accessories.


As to the release note the latest iOS update includes:

  • Fixes the issue with audio quality in iPhone SE when paired to Bluetooth accessories
  • Fixes the issue with dictionary definitions
  • Fixes an issue with “Kana keyboard” in mail and messages
  • Fixes the issue with VoiceOver users who work with Alex voice
  • Fixes the issue that disallowed MDM servers from installing Custom B2B apps

As a result of beta testing for several weeks, Apple has successfully come out with iOS 9.3.2 with improved fixes implementation and security standards. Making the expectations real, Apple has answered some of the annoying bugs that have made iOS 9 platform buggy for most cases. Especially iOS 9.3.2 will benefit iPhone SE users fixing a critical issue with audio quality when paired to Bluetooth accessories.

Another notable change in iOS 9.3.2 is its option that allows both Night shift and Low power mode to function simultaneously. So the length of the list is not concerned here as one or two that have come with iOS 9.3.2 are absolutely worthy trying.

iOS 9.3.2 is open to All


In compatibility wise iOS 9.3.2 has not announced any changes, in fact it is supportive for all iPhones from 4S, iPad 2 and later, iPad minis, Pros in addition to fifth and sixth generation iPad touches. So without any complications you can get the latest iOS update on your iDevice for improved iOS experience.

How to Download iOS 9.3.2

As getting iOS 9.3.2 update over-the-air is simpler and faster, launch Settings > General > Software Update > and click Download and Install

If not use the method through iTunes to get iOS 9.3.2 on your iDevice. The steps as follows,

  • Step 1: Make a complete iTunes Backup
  • Step 2: Launch iTunes from your windows PC or Mac
  • Step 3: Then connect your iDevice to the PC
  • Step 4: Click on the Device icon you see and check for software updates
  • Step 5: Finally download and click to update

Downgrading iOS 9.3.2

As to the Apple’s usual practice you are able to downgrade to the earlier version of a certain iOS release within a limited time period. As iOS 9.3.2 that released recently, you still have downgrading rights back to iOS 9.3.1. So if you feel dissatisfied with iOS latest 9.3.2, you can simply downgrade to iOS 9.3.1, and this possibility will only precede for few more days until Apple make the closing note.

Cydia Install for iOS 9.3.2

If we consider about iOS 9.3.2 in related to Cydia install and jailbreak, still we have no rights to get benefits as no compatible tool has come yet. When iOS 9.3.2 at its betas, there were many suggestions on a soon releasing tool on iOS 9.3.2, but we have to wait few more days ahead to know how jailbreak and Cydia download will come under iOS 9.3.2.