iOS 9.3.2 Updated Version is Now Released to Address iPad Pro Problem

On 2nd of June, Apple has released iOS 9.3.2 as an updated version to address 9.7 inch iPad Pro bricking issue after installing the latest iOS version. When complaints started to fight Apple promised users to come soon with a reliable fix, as a result, 9.7 inch iPad Pro users can now start working with iOS 9.3.2 updated version.


iOS 9.3.2 comes refreshed with a fix to “Error 56”

iOS 9.3.2 was originally released on 16th of May as a significant update with fixes implementation. Even though it was a reason to be happy for most iOS 9 users to get a fixes implemented iOS update, 9.7 inch iPad Pro was not in the list, as a serious issue has reported after installing iOS 9.3.2 that has made some iPad Pro models to remained bricked. This “Error 56” was not reported from many, in fact this has only come from a little number of 9.7 inch iPad Pros. But Apple has turned to a fix with no delay by not mistaking the crowd.

Up to now Error 56 was to mean a hardware issue, but with 9.7 inch iPad Pro this has changed, as the problem occurred with the installation of iOS 9.3.2.


Install iOS 9.3.2 Updated Version on 9.7 inch iPad Pro

This updated iOS 9.3.2 comes with build 13F72. And now it is available as an Over-the-air update. Users having the bricked iPad Pros with “Error 56” can also get this update by connecting your device to a Mac or PC and get the update through iTunes.

With the release of iOS 9.3.2 updated version, Apple has provided a support document including more about “Error 56” iPad Pro users might get when installing to iOS 9.3.2 from iOS 9.3 or iOS 9.3.1. So if needed get the Apple’s document support to make all doubts clear about “Error 56”.


With iOS 9.3.2 updated version we can expect a reliable fix to 9.7 inch iPad Pro problem, so those who loved iOS 9.3.2 and at the same time worried on the brick problem, now can make your uncertainties and problems clear with Apple’s latest iOS 9.3.2.

In between iOS 9.3.2 two versions release, we heard iOS 9.3.3 with a beta announcement, but 9.7 inch iPad Pro users were not allowed the beta testing. The reason must be iOS 9.3.2 bricking problem that was struggling at the time with iPad specific model, in that way iOS 9.3.3 next beta or final release can be expected to all iPhones, iPads, and iPods including 9.7 inch iPad Pro.