iOS 9.3 review

Apple has made iOS fans happy with the distribution of their new and upgraded version of Apple’s Operating System iOS 9.3. Apple always makes their fans fully satisfied with their numerous innovations included in the latest iOS versions. This release of iOS 9.3 will be a better experience for all who waited Apple to release this third major update. Through this iOS 9.3 review we are going to reveal some important facts and key features about world’s most advanced mobile Operating System’s latest upgraded version.


All the best new features you can experience with iOS 9.3

Apple has made several changes and improvements with this new update iOS 9.3 As everyone hinted with beta releases iOS 9.3 will definitely be an immersive topic for all of the iOS fans.

  • Night shift

Night Shift is one of the coolest features comes with iOS 9.3. Which helps us sleep better. It changes the color spectrum of your iDevice at night. Simply it will shift colors, brightness and temperature of your display automatically to match with your location and surrounding.  The app is here to make aware your display to reduce your exposure to blue light or yellow with the day and night shifts. You can enable this feature in anytime and you can schedule it as well.


  • Password protection to your Notes

There is no need of worrying about the protection of your Apple notes here after with the new iOS 9.3. Now you can protect your important notes with a password or Touch ID. With this upgraded version of  iOS 9.3 you can secure your all-important Apple notes.


  • Features for Education

This time technology has done something interesting for those who love to learn with iPad. You can now use your iPad with multiple users support with improved features. This classroom app provides teachers with an advanced set of tools to manage features of your iPad to make it an effective teaching assistant. Education oriented features included in iOS 9.3 can make students and teachers happy with all what they are doing.



  • Improved CarPlay integration

With iOS 9.3 you can experience even more improved CarPlay features which are absolutely useful. It is a well-known feature in Apple, and here it comes as a refreshed and improved option in iOS 9.3. In suggesting songs, albums and artists based on your preferences CarPlay plays an important role.  For more, you do not have to search with so much effort while you are on the road for filling stations, top class restaurants, shops and others, because in Apple maps you will find all them easily as per your interest.


  • New Health Dashboard

Through iOS 9.3 Apple is trying to make the health part more strengthen and useful. Now you can manage all your health rates in one place and easily share all the related data with third-party apps. Health has been slightly improved in iOS 9.3 to display all data gained from your Apple watch preventing you from jumping between two apps to access the options. So this features let all Apple watch crowd to easily link with their latest upgraded iOS device to experience new dimensions.


With all-side consideration on iOS 9.3 update, we could clearly see several useful features and interesting improvements over the current available updates. With all the comments and customer reviews from the release date, we could expect it to be highly ranked among all of the iOS fans very soon with its impressive features.