iOS 9 Common Problems and Easy Guide to Fix them

iOS 9 came more than 7 months before and up to now it had a remarkable journey in iOS chapters. It has come with 3 major releases and iOS 9.4 will not be announced in fact iOS 10 is in coming up line of Apple. As to the estimated time iOS 10 will be soon announced, so we bring this piece of writing to get more knowledge on iOS 9 common problems and with easy tips to fix them.


All platforms have their own set of problems well as they come with handful of new qualities. That is an unexceptional scenario in iOS 9 platform like in any other iOS software update developed by Apple. So we have picked some of the most frequent reported issues reported in iOS 9 and its latest updates and easy guidelines to work around them or fix them.

Possible issues in iOS 9 platform and tips to fix them

Installation Errors

Many users were troubled with software update failed notifications mostly you experience with iOS 9 platform when you try to install.

  • How to fix

In this case the best thing is to do the update of your iOS using iTunes on your computer

  • Guidelines to install iOS 9 using iTunes method

Initially open iTunes.

Connect your iOS device and launch iTunes.

In iTunes, select your iOS device and find the way to the summary tab.

Hold down on the option key and click the update iPhone option.

Then select the .ipsw file from the extracted folder in order to install iOS 9 beta and click on the open button.

iTunes will notify that it will update your device successfully with iOS 9. Then click OK to continue.

You will get a slide to upgrade slider after rebooting, swipe on the slider to proceed.

Then your device will reboot once again.

Finally you will be greeted with a Hello welcome screen. Then swipe on the slide and follow the on-screen instructions to setup your device.

Stuck on slide to upgrade screen

A large number of users were sickened to hit upon their devices getting stuck on slide to upgrade screen and become totally unresponsive towards the user. After update your device asks you “slide to upgrade” but it will not allow or support user.

  • How to fix

Connect your device to a computer and open up iTunes

Press and hold the sleep/wake and Home buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds, until you see a message saying connect to the iTunes

When requires, precede with update

Once the restore is done, follow the screen instructions steps to set up your device

Problems with Battery life

Many users have said that the battery has started to drain faster than before, with the update of iOS 9. It can be clearly seen with latest iOS versions as well.

  • How to fix

Initially go to settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage in order to know the battery issue is being caused by a particular app or not. If it is so you can delete and reinstall needed apps to see your battery issue is fixed or still not.

As the second option, go to settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings and reset your iOS device by entering password and needed particulars with screen instructions.

WiFi Problems

There are few issues have been reported frequently on disturbances occur with WiFi network connections like sudden disconnections and errors.

  • How to fix

Simply Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings to make your network settings clean and refreshed.


Unresponsive Touch Screen

This is not a problem only in iOS 9 platform, but there were considerable number of reports under this platform. This is not an unresolved matter, but it is quite annoying. There can be number of solution for this but we always prefer a simpler and faster way to get rid of this matter.

  • How to fix

If this occurs in related to a specific application that you are installed, make sure to check with the date, and if it is needed uninstall and reinstalling will help to sort out this problem of freezing in apps.

Restore the device by plugging your device to the computer and go to File > Devices > Restore from backup in iTunes

Reboot your device

iMessage Problems

This is one of the best loved features in iDevices, but you may face some little problems with iMessage when you are updated to iOS latest version.

  • How to fix

Turn it on to Settings > Messages > turn the iMessage option off. Wait for few seconds and turn it on back. If the trouble still continues, try to reboot your device and it will solve the issue without difficulty.

App Crashing problem

App crashing occurs due to compatibility with the latest iOS software update. Check the App store to make sure the compatibility.

  • How to fix

Deleting and reinstalling will also help you to avoid App crashing issue.

When removing apps, make sure the data has been connected to iCloud or any other cloud service in order to get the needed particulars back after reinstalling.


Above we have brought only few issues reported frequently and simple solutions you can try to get rid of those. In addition to those, problems like Game center bug will have addressed in iOS 9.3.2 upcoming announcement like web crashing in iOS 9.3 has solved in iOS 9.3.1. In an overall consideration iOS 9 is an advanced platform to experience best iOS ever, even though there are several issues in functioning. Apple has not left a big space to worry, as they are trying to address the most part through their time updates.

As every platform comes with certain drawbacks, iOS 9 also has been proclaimed by a variety of complaints. However that issues does not mean that it doesn’t up to your requirement as every issue is followed by a particular solution that can fix your issue and bring your device back to the state.