Apple Unveiled iOS 10 with Multiple New Message App

As the WWDC keynote, apple has unveiled iOS 10, the latest version of apple’s mobile operating system with list of new features and improvements for established apps like Messages, Apple Music, Photos, Maps and more. One of the more notable updates comes in Messages app of iOS 10.

Apple has unveiled a number of new features for Message app in iOS 10 including new chat bubble effects, iMessage apps, emjoi suggestions and digital touch videos. Apple expects that the new message features will bring more personal and expressive ways to make communication between your friends and family modifying your important or funny message including test balloon animations, enlarged emojis, invisible ink and handwritten notes.

ios 10 message app

Message app in iOS 10 comes with lots of emoji suggestions

Messages is getting a major emojifiable in iOS 10. Emoji signal is more powerful than the word as I think. So most users emboss their ideas in Messages using emojis. With iOS 10 new message apps, you can include 3x bigger emoji images within your messages. So new emojis are now biggest than before. Messages will recognize what you are typing and find a relevant emoji, so now you no need to waste your time to search for one. Even as I mentioned, messages will highlight words that can be turned into emojis. You have to click the highlighted words to turn them into emoji signs.

emoji ios 10

Full-screen animations for your message conversation

You can get full-screen animations for certain messages. For an example, you can say happy new year using this full-screen animation.

Bubble and some screen effects with iOS 10 Message app

Messages includes lots of powerful animations like confetti, balloons that can use your messages to celebrate a special occasion, for add personalization and more. Bubble effects will make animation to emphasize certain messages like ‘Congrats!’ or ‘I’m sorry’. Actually, it is really cool-looking. Message will let you to say it loud or whisper with small or large bubble effects.

ballon effects

Stickers for your message

iOS 10 brings the power of the app store to messages. You can add lots of stickers into your message conversation. It is awesome. You can compose your message with your favorite cartoon character.

sticker feature

Invisible Link for your Message

iOS 10 message app has a new feature called invisible link that you supports to send a hidden text or photo. Any URL you send in your message will get a visual treatment. Videos and apple music links will play inline. Even it is easiest to attach a video or photo from your camera roll. Invisible link hides messages in a glittery effects that you have to swipe away with your finger to read the message.

ios 10 features

Add mini reactions

You can add mini reactions to your received messages with iOS 10 message app. Tap back lets you add mini reaction for your friends messages.

mini reaction

Hand-write messages

You have an ability to include hand-write messages into your message conversation with the new multiple iOS 10 message app.

ios 10 features

Send your artwork

Through this new message app, you can send drawing to your friends. Draw something and send it as the message.

Other messaging apps like Snapchat, Facebook messenger, much more interesting and lively ways to make communication between your friends and family. But only you have to send photos, videos and words only. But apple has changed all that with iOS 10 message app.