iOS 10 Download for An Advanced Phone App Experience

iOS 10 was announced at WWDC started on 13th  Of  June and all the feature enhancements were officially announced for those who excitedly waited for the biggest iOS chapter. As expected latest iOS 10 packs plenty of goodies, and developers have paid attention on most used apps more than before, among them Apple Phone app comes with highlighting improvements. So we thought of writing you about the best benefits you can grab on your Phone app with iOS 10 Download.


iOS 10 Download for a New Phone Experience on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

As one of the most used apps, Phone app in iOS 10 will come with a lot of improvements, in fact it will come with many useful changes to your current iOS phone app handling. Among them Voicemail transcription is one of the significant.

If you download iOS 10, you will notice a feature that converts your voicemails you receive in to readable text, where you can read the note clearly instead of listening. This is a useful feature as no more interruptions could happen with background noise, in fact you will be able to read the message clearly instead of listening hardly.

In addition to that Apple has put more attention on incoming calls where user can easily recognize what to answer and not. This improvement is very much useful for those who often get unknown calls, as they appear annoying in some cases. With iOS 10 download, you will be able to know which call is likely to be spam, in that way spam alert in iOS 10 will be a useful feature to have a good control with the calls you get.



In iOS 10 Apple has worked on a new “CallKit” API where third-part VoIP apps in the Apple store like Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime to behave and look like normal phone calls rather than receiving as a lock screen notification. If you wish to download iOS 10 you will be able to see calls from those VoIP apps to come in a fill screen just like a native phone call where you get the slide to answer bar also with no change. So you can feel your skype, whatsapp or whatever the VoIP app call more like a normal together with the option to check whether they looks like spam or not.

At a glance we can recognize how important iOS 10 Phone app with the improvements, and I am pretty sure you are highly excited to grab iOS 10 on your iDevice with notable feature additions and redesigned framework to your existing iOS experience. As to the reliable sources iOS 10 download will be possible in September, and iOS 10 beta 1 will start the beta testing period officially with the public beta release in July.

Cydia Install on iOS 10


Even though iOS 10 download will open up an advanced iOS experience, jailbreak fans will not stop finding a way to Cydia install on iOS 10, if you are one of those iH8sn0w’s video which shows iOS 10 jailbreak possibilities will be a encouraging fact, but for an official tool we will have to wait few more months ahead. So keep iH8sn0w’s demo as a supportive note and keep visiting us to grab more interesting facts about latest iOS 10 download. As beta testing will start from July, you will be able to grab more facts about iOS 10 jailbreak and Cydia install, so keep reading.