Download iOS 10 With New Features Stolen From Jailbreak Tweaks

It is not surprise that apple takes some jailbreak tweaks as the features with their next big release of iOS. Such as, we see some familiar features/ tweaks that jailbreak communities have been utilizing for quite some time with apple’s tenth mobile operating system. Hence, we are talking about a list of jailbreak tweaks we will be able to see after download iOS 10 on our iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices as its features.

Note : iOS 10 beta 1 is still available to download only for developer on apple developer program, but public testers will need to wait until a month of July to download iOS 10 first public beta stage.

Favorite jailbreak tweaks which turned into features in iOS 10


StickerMe is one of the famous jailbreak tweaks that supports to add stickers in messaging, but it is new to messages in iOS 10. New ‘Sticker in Messages’ feature iOS 10 brings the ability to use facebook stickers in your message app.



Apple has introduced a new feature called ‘Raise to Wake’ using common jailbreak tweak, FaceOff. It basically allows you to just raise your device to wake up your device without having to press any button.



Auxo is now a native feature with iOS 10, comes as control center pages. In iOS 10 the control center has 2 pages. One for your toggles and quick launch apps, brightness and etc.



Grafii is another jailbreak tweak that turned into feature, you will find after install iOS 10 on your idevice. Grafiti is coming with the message app in iOS 10 as handwitting in message app. Grafiti was applauded for bringing handwriting to the stock iOS 10 message. So you can send digital touch messages as well as handwritten message.



This is one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks of all time and now it has came with iOS 10 as the features. Now you can add widgets directly to the lock screen of your iPhone with improved iOS 10 lock screen. It means, IntelliScreenX is no longer a necessary download.



Shortcuts jailbreak tweaks brought widgets to 3D touch quick actions to home screen app icons. It supports now in iOS 10 with some stock apps already offering widget support on home screen.


WatchNotifications/ NCCards

Apple’s new notification system in iOS 10 provides card-like notifications in notification center and on the lock screen. It has killed couple of popular jailbreak tweaks called WatchNofications and NCCards.



AppHide was very useful app for jailbroken device owners to hide the pesky stock apps and release your device storage space. Now apple has introduced this feature into iOS 10 allowing users to remove stock app icons and associate data from the device. Even it has ability to re-download deleted apps from the app store.


Video Tutorial – iOS 10 Features/ Jailbreak Tweaks

You can see these features side by side, then watch the video below.

Hopefully, as some reports, everyone will be able to download iOS 10 for all supported iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices with those awesome features.