5 Brand New and Noteworthy iOS 9.1 Cydia Tweaks of the Week

Really thanks to those cydia tweaks developers who are working hard to give us some really useful and awesome jailbreak apps. Day by day, they have been releasing new and amazing cydia apps and tweaks for our jailbroken iPhone, iPad and also iPod touch devices. While passing last few days, we found some new interesting cydia tweaks. Hence, we are going to introduce 6 brand new notable iOS 9.1 cydia tweaks of the week.

top ios 9 cydia tweaks

Rotary Lock Lite (Free)

Rotary Lock Lite is the best iOS 9.1 cydia tweak that uses a rotating combination lock to unlock your iOS device. It is compatible with iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9. It supports to make beautiful combination for your lock screen. Rotary Lock Lite works really well features a beautiful design, compatible with the long numbers passcode or simple 4 digit pin passcode. No configuration options.

PersonalSpotlight (Free)

PersonalSpotlight allows users to customize the look of Spotlight. It gives jailbreakers the ability to take control of Spotlight appearance and behavior. After you install PersonalSpotlight, you will get a preference pane in the settings app to customize your own personal spotlight as you need.


Even the tweak lets you to do :

  • Disable the channel button
  • Hide the direction icon from Spotlight
  • Hide the ‘Show more’ feature label from the Spotlight interface
  • Hide the blur effects on the left minus page
  • Clear your search history when you dismiss spotlight
  • Lighten the background when you swipe down in Spotlight

AutoGate (Free)

auto gate

AutoGate is the auto simulate for Chronos Gate. It has free license, so users can download AutoGate from BigBoss repo without pay for them. Download and install it on your device and then reboot your device. What is new :

  • New support iPad
  • New support iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, etc

VolumePanel ($1.49)

With VolumePanel, you can set a custom volume level for each and every app installed on your iOS device. It allows users to configure the volume level of any kind of apps on your device. This tweak is used one of two ways. First one is, you can set up an activator section that allows you invoke the user interface at any time. Second one is, through the button that is added to the media control in iOS control center. You have to click on the VolumePanel button to hide or show the volume controls. You can easily change the volume level of individual apps by clicking and dragging on its knobs.


After installation, you will find preferences pane of VolumePanel tweak to configure that tweak. Those are the options you get from here :

  • Show all apps in the VolumePanel inferface
  • Pick the location of the app volume level toggle button in control center
  • Choosing an activation method
  • Unifying the volume between the headphones and speakers

Mini vMac (Free)


Mini vMac is one of the latest iOS 9.1 cydia tweaks. Mini vMac 2.1 works with iOS 9 or higher. It brings open source emulator of 68k-based Macintosh computers. Mini vMac 2.1 requires ROM and disk images to use, drop them in /var/mobile/documents/mini vmac or import them from Dropbox/iCloud drive/etc.

The emulator includes sounds, run 3rd party software, allows you to scroll to show the full display and more. Following these instructions, install Mini vMac on your jailbroken iPhone :

  1. Open cydia
  2. Click Search tab
  3. Search for namedfork and click on namefork.net.
  4. Click on Install.
  5. Search for Mini vMac and click on Mini vMac.
  6. Click to Install.