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iOS 9.3.2 Updated Version is Now Released to Address iPad Pro Problem

On 2nd of June, Apple has released iOS 9.3.2 as an updated version to address 9.7 inch iPad Pro bricking issue after installing the latest iOS version. When complaints started to fight Apple promised users to come soon with a

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Following iOS 9.3.2 Update on iPad Pro- know about “Error 56”

Apple has made the crowd refreshed by bringing iOS 9.3.2 update on 16th of May with improvements and fixes implemented. In compatibility wise iOS 9.3.2 is supportive for all iOS 9 supported devices with no issues, excluding iPad pro 9.7

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iOS 9.3.2 is released; Does it bring problems to latest iPad pro models

Apple has released iOS 9.3.2 for public on 16th of May as the second point release, more than a month after the first release iOS 9.3.1 which came to serve iOS 9.3. In feature wise iOS 9.3.2 has nothing much

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9.7” iPad Pro Review

Apple designed the best expansive screen experience to you by introducing iPad Pro with a big, clear screen of 12.90 inches, in middle of 2015. And here it is Apple’s next attempt to hold all of their Pro fans with

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Cydia download for iPad models

iPad 2 Cydia Download & Install The second generation of the iPad 2 released on 2011, March. The iPad 2 is a tablet computer designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. The device was available initially with three storage sizes, such

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