iPhone SE; A look at the most loved Gadget that fits your hand

It is more than a month for iPhone SE by now, so how you feel about this handy gadget that fits your hand with more ease? This is iPhone SE review on its move in the mobile world.


If we have a clear look it does not come with any changes to iPhone 5S, in fact they are identical twins at a glance. But with no doubt it stands for high processing with improved internals.

iPhone SE impacts your life in a meaningful way

When we come to iPhone SE, it was very much compared with iPhone 6S and its Plus model in every aspect. Even though iPhone SE features powerful internals, there were obvious differences between these two at a single glance. In one way iPhone SE was fallen to more attention because of its design. By now Apple must have reached what they expected when designing this new gadget.


As they thought the touch of the classic look with iPhone SE which was once known as the iconic design has hit the crowd to the highest. The screen size is actually depend on the personal preference, so we cannot say Apple big screen lovers will come to SE by letting the 6S big screen away, in fact that should not the thing Apple was aimed at. In more detail SE was made to classic design lovers who looked for current Apple improvements in internal settings. So we think Apple has succeeded with SE to a certain extent.

What you loose from iPhone SE

Even though SE appeared to be an amazing gadget, it still in state of missing important features like 3D Touch. In some cases its 4 inch display was highly considered on small screen size and lower resolution in compared to iPhone 6 models. It has also criticized for discomfort you might feel when reading things like long documents. In that way iPhone SE will probably be worth for small screen lovers, if you are partial to big screen, SE might make you discomfort in some instances.

What is Good with SE?


Even though there were several drawbacks in SE, it has become the choice of most as immediately as it is released. One thing significant is, its iconic size which smartly fix in your hand and pocket. When considering price levels, we find SE as one of the cheapest Apple devices in collection. At a time where most expensive gadgets rule the market, SE was lucky to win the true attention of many with a fair price drop. In additionally SE has more satisfactory features than things to worry. And that has clearly seen with the high selling of the gadget within few time from its availability.

As once we stated moving for big or smaller screen comes with the individual fondness, but if you start with SE, it will not let you worry on the amount you put on the gadget. Up to now SE has had a fine journey in Apple chapters, so stay in touch to know more about iPhone SE with time ahead.