iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s

Now Apple has more choices than before. Every time they work absolutely hard to create the best gadget that fits more easily in your hand. Apple’s newest iPhone SE is a perfect handset recently announced to compete with its available models. It is specially designed to catch those who still in love with older iPhone models, successfully sporting older design on a developed operating system. However is it possible to hit the premium iPhone 6s with its latest SE member? So here it’s time for us to compare iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s under its features and specs letting you clearly decide which Apple smart phone should you get in your hand.


iPhone SE is designed for those who expect both old and new from Apple. It is very familiar to the iPhone 5s design but included with many internal features from the premium iPhone 6s. So SE is a quite interesting device we find in iFamily. This iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s comparison will be a helpful piece of writing for those who are interested with Apples latest releases and features comparisons.

Display and design

As a good start I would like to discuss about the obvious difference in screen size which you would notice with the first sight. iPhone SE is one of the smallest members from Apple family, it features a 4 inch display with the 1136 x 640 resolution at 326 ppi. iPhone 6s does not comes with a huge display like its plus models and its nearest rival Samsung’s new releases. It has a pretty small display with 4.7 inches. But with compared to small iPhone SE, 6s has a bigger screen experience with 1334 x 750 resolution at 326 ppi. Even though you catch a slight difference in their screen sizes, both of them comes with the same 326 ppi pixel density. So here big or small is just a matter of personal preference.


  • iPhone SE dimensions: 124 x 59 x 7.6 mm
  • weight:113 g
  • iPhone 6s dimensions: 138 x 67 x 7.1 mm
  • weight: 143 g

iPhone SE utilizing the same design you found in iPhone 5 range which fits more easily in your hand, yet with upgraded features. However both of these phones have been made of aluminum offering a premium look. But iPhone 6s is slightly thinner.

Processor and Touch ID

Apple has done a great job by including exactly the same A9 chipset and RAM in both of these iDevices.

iPhone SE: 64-bit A9 SoC processor (two 1.8 GHz cores), M9 motion coprocessor, 2 GB RAM

iPhone 6s: 64-bit A9 SoC processor (two 1.8 GHz cores), M9 motion coprocessor, 2 GB RAM

By bringing SE Apple has proved that not only big phones are worthy for excellent performance. With an A9 chip inside, this smaller gadget can definitely act so big.

Touch ID is one of the smart features included in iPhone 6s that does not find in the SE. It has first generation fingerprint sensor while iPhone 6s comes with the advanced second generation fingerprint sensor.


Storage and battery

When it comes to the storage, iPhone SE is somewhat limited by its capacity. It only offers 16 and 64 GB. If you are looking for larger 128 GB model, iPhone 6s will make it possible.

iPhone SE and iPhone 6s come with 1642 mAh and 1715 mAh respectively when we consider about battery strength of both of these heroes. In according to the real world tests both of these idevices can manage their running time nearly for 12 hours.


The iPhone SE features the same rear camera from the iPhone 6s, but when it comes to the front shooting there seem to be a difference. SE lacks the meatier 5 megapixels snapper we find in 6s. But the impressive iSight camera with 12 megapixels can make all SE and 6s crowd happy with improved capturing.

iPhone SE: Rear 12 megapixels camera and 1.2 megapixels front camera

iPhone 6s: Rear 12 megapixels camera and 5 megapixels front camera



SE was introduced to the public as one of the cheapest phones from Apple. It comes with decent specs and made of many 6s internals. But when it comes to the price it absolutely comes in an affordable tag. iPhone 6s is one of the highest you find in smart phone world. But if you are in love with smaller sized devices at the same time expecting 6s’s high end features, this SE will be an ideal choice for a reasonable price.

Regardless some of the slight differences, both of these iPhones are featuring amazing possibilities with the included specs. So let me wrap up this article with what I see well in an overall look. With the consideration of all-sides I see iPhone SE as a fair deal which represents excellent value for what you pay. So if you are a small screen lover just like me, this SE would be the best choice you get with all advanced functionality.