Is there anything new for iOS jailbreak fans-Cydia install iOS 9.3 status update

Jailbreak and Cydia install iOS 9.3 is a well discussed topic for past few weeks, but the status has not changed even up to now. In fact there is no jailbreak release to match with iOS latest releases after iOS 9.1 Pangu jailbreak announcements. There are similar posts saying iOS jailbreak possibilities on latest iOS version like what we heard under iOS 9.3 major releases at its beta stages, but all these still remain doubts to users as no official tool has arrived yet to make Cydia possible on iDevices. In that way Cydia lovers are greatly affected with this lack of jailbreak for current iOS versions. At a time, the doubt is very high on getting or not getting a compatible tool release, here is all what we know so far about long awaited iOS 9.3 Cydia install and jailbreak.


What we can expect from Pangu Jailbreak?

As jailbreak developers have taken more time on next jailbreak release, most rumors and guesswork were proven to be false, specially revealed under iOS 9.3 jailbreak and Cydia download. By now the consideration is most on iOS 9.3.2 version and jailbreak, as it is the latest iOS version we can install.

There were many guesses on next jailbreak release, and some thoroughly believe developers to come with a tool that to match most probably all the recent iOS releases, including iOS 9.3, iOS 9.3.1, iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.3.3 upcoming minor release. There were enough facts saying these versions are jailbreakable, especially Luca Todesco’s invents have won a big attention. But doubt is getting elevated with the long pause between tool releases, which were highly expected to unveil soon with the official iOS release, unfortunately this time things were not as we guessed.

As to the work by Pangu, whatever the next jailbreak is largely expected from the same side, in fact Pangu has been very active with iOS 9 releases, so they has great possibility there.

Jailbreak Teams are looking at iOS 10

iOS 10 is very close to come in the view as WWDC event in June will probably reveal more to what we know so far even with a beta release. In that way the scope is very near to change from iOS 9 to iOS 10. We cannot say anything yet, about jailbreak iOS 10, but for sure it will grab the most attention of jailbreak teams. So let the wait rule for few more days ahead to know what surprises iOS 9 jailbreak will come with this time, in addition to iOS 10 discussions.

There are equal number of posts on possibilities and impossibilities on next iOS 9 jailbreak expects, however we still have more time to wait until iOS 10 comes. So keep hopes on iOS 9.3 jailbreak and Cydia install, as reports saying Pangu is with a finishing tool. So let the wait continue for few more days to clear out what possibilities will come with next jailbreak announcement. As to our view iOS 9.3 is still not far from jailbreak, so keep hopes on next jailbreak release.