Is this the right time to drop a jailbreak; iOS 9.3 jailbreak updates

Rather than the usual practice developers have taken a considerable time period for the next iOS jailbreak announcement this time. As to the rumors developers have taken this long until the right time comes. So is it actually the time to drop the next, here is the latest update note on iOS 9.3 jailbreak.


What is new with iOS 9.3 jailbreak?

iOS 9.3 came more than a month before, and since the day of release most of the iOS users were very eager to know a proper jailbreak tool to work with iOS 9.3, but unfortunately the things are still under no-jailbreak and wait has continued up to now with no change.

As there are two iOS updates came to discussion after iOS 9.3, the excitement is greater than before, iOS 9.3.1 which came immediately after iOS 9.3 and still rules as the latest, also has weight to be the next jailbreak. However iOS 9.3.1 came more fixes implemented to address some annoying bugs that you have found in iOS 9 platform and specially reported under iOS 9.3. In that way iOS 9.3.1 is a significant update with more fixes when iOS 9.3 is well known for its notable features. As to the latest notes both these iOS releases will have jailbreak access in near future, as both these updates come in same security standards. iOS 9.3 has proven its jailbreakability at its beta stages, so same vulnerabilities will be helpful for iOS jailbreak developers to come with a tool to match with both these latest  iOS versions. As jailbreak developers carried the wait up to May from March, next release will be more important than a usual announcement, in fact assumptions will be correct. As we know iOS 9.3 was a centered topic for jailbreak since its date of release but then developers were forced to work on iOS 9.3.1 as it comes with more fixes to iOS 9.3 problems. So let’s hope one of the coming weeks will be good for iOS 9.3 and iOS 9.3.1 jailbreak and Cydia lovers.

Pangu or TaiG?

As to the rumors flying over the web, jailbreak teams are very close to a tool by now. They are normally not giving hints about an upcoming release in fact going for sudden drop. So we have no chance to say whether Pangu will win the race over TaiG. However according to the release cycle most probably the next jailbreak news will come from Pangu.  TaiG and other Jailbreak developers are also work in progress, but we can largely expect Pangu 9.3 to be released soon.


When to expect iOS 9.3 jailbreak

Rumors suggest it is the right time for the next jailbreak drop. But this May will not end the wait; in fact the next jailbreak release will take place in June by the time of WWDC big event planned to be on 13th of June. However the date is still unclear. Some more wait will surely sort out all these doubts, so stay in touch to know the latest updates and know with no doubt whether the next jailbreak is either for iOS 9.3, iOS 9.3.1 or for both.