Jailbreak Tweaks for Apple’s Operating System

With a jailbroken device you can experience more than what you noticed your device is doing so far. Jailbreaking simply means bypassing the restricted options Apple set on the operating system, in other words taking the full control over your device. With an unlocked/ jailbroken iDevice you can get the access to install apps and jailbreak tweaks that aren’t approved by Apple through Cydia installing. This jailbreaking process violates the warranty of your device, and also it is risky if something goes wrong during the process. Though this procedure is followed by few serious risks, there are many benefits which force us to pay more attention on running the program.

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Advantages of jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is the process of changing the iPhone or iPad software to remove the limitations that are imposed by the Apple authority.

  • Jailbreaking will allow you customization to best possible.
  • You have access to install software from the app store.
  • You can get your favorite apps from wherever you like not just from the app store.
  • Unlock hidden features.
  • More new themes and change the look.
  • Jailbreak tweaks.
  • Useful apps for Accessories.
  • More sound support.
  • Enhanced app features, screen display and many more.
  • Extended controlling over the device.
  • Power saving for the power user.
  • Jailbreak tweaks helps a lot to set default apps.
  • Lock folder or an app with touch ID feature in order to enhance security.
  • Effective file management.
  • System font changes and animations on your iOS
  • You can tether your Mac to your iPhone and bypass your network’s mobile hotspot feature, which is often comes severely restricted.

Disadvantages of jailbreaking your device

  • You will invalidate your iPhone’s warranty.
  • Jailbreaking your device will take you to new dimensions where you can get more exciting features, but occasionally dangerous. There are good apps and bad apps, crashy apps and malware too.
  • Your device just works right out of the box. And brilliantly. That is enough for the overwhelming majority of iPhone users.
  • Every update to iOS will break your jailbroken phone if you decide to get updated to the latest. Or users have to wait for an updated jailbreak to become available to the public, this might takes days, weeks or even months to meet with your requirements.

Cydia’s role on a jailbroken iDevice

As we said once jailbroken, device enters to a world of new apps and tweaks, through Cydia. when we are talking about jailbreak Cydia is an unavoidable part. In fact it is the app store to select your most loved applications that you need to follow on your jailbroken iDevice. There are some ways to get Cydia without jailbreak but remember to have genuine Cydia it is must to have jailbreak. There are thousands of advanced applications in Cydia app store, but are you still looking for the tweaks to play around with, below I have picked some of the useful iOS Cydia tweaks best for 2016 that you can enjoy to the fullest.

  • Exsto

This is the best tweak for your jailbroken device to get rid of the ordinary folder interface. Exsto is a newly released tweak for you, if you are wishing to get a radical launching interface on your iDevice. And it comes as a paid tweak.


  • Auris

This tweak costs but it is a tweak well worth purchasing. Auris allows you to access music apps instantly as you connect your headphones.


  • Label Notify

This is one of the best jailbreak tweaks that can change the app icon’s name to the number of notifications that you have for a certain app. This makes your device more stylish and completely customized in the look. These included options might not meet with everyone’s requirements, but it is an amazing tweak for users who are looking for an alter interface.


  • Switcher Tweak Pro

If you want to customize your iOS with all new app switcher, this tweak is the best option through Cydia tweaks. It lets you control the app switcher. If you want you can change the direction of the scroll and also spacing between each app to organize them in a unique way.

  • Safe Alarm 2

Safe Alarm 2 is a really nice tweak that comes with more customizable features for your alarm clock. You can smartly handle the volume level and other best alarming options with this application. It costs a little in Cydia and it is well worth in downloading.


  • Pegasus

Picture in picture mode for video multi-tasking lets you watch videos or conduct face-time calls in a smaller window while using other apps you like at the same moment. This is a one big feature you find which call Pegasus enables picture in picture mode on any iOS device that officially support same as the official feature. But if you want this feature, you will have to pay a few for the benefit.


  • BytaFont 3

If you do not satisfy with the default font in your iDevice, you do not have to worry on that. You can change to your favorites with your jailbroken iDevice.

WinterBoard is also a tweak that lets you change the fonts, but it has built on overall iOS themes while BytaFont 3 focuses on changing only the typescript on your iPhone. It is a free download available in Cydia.


  • Tether

It brings a cool and smart new way of creating quick alarms, reminders and also calendar events on your device. This is a pretty awesome Tweak for your jailbroken device. Once you install Tether, it starts working absolutely well. There are no options to configure and no preference panels to visit. It is one of the best Tweaks that make your tasks easy.


  • BattSaver

It shuts down battery-draining features when not in use and saves power by automatically turning off wireless services like GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and others when they are not in use. Addition to that it improves battery life of your iDevice with a good control in charge cycle at the same time enabling to view status of your battery power in real time.


  • 3D Switcher

3D Switcher can add more effects to the quality graphics already available in iOS stock settings. Addition to that, this tweak lets to change animations in App Switcher to make the style as per personal preferences.


  • Unlock: new style to unlock your iOS

This Tweak is perfectly designed for the users who are not satisfied or feel bored with default slide lock features with Apple devices. Unlock can configure taps to unlock your iPhone or iPad and also it comes as a paid application.


  • CCMore

This a unique tweak you must have, because it manages the control centre and launches the quick launch app within the small window you get when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen. This is useful as user can experience the full app experience without having to launch the app completely.


  • Multiplexer

This is a smart tweak you can have to experience multitasks at once. It does that by helping users to switch tasks with the help of many options within the tweak.


  • iProtect

It is created to protect your jailbroken iDevice.  With iProtect user can lock installed applications either by using password, Touch ID or SIM management. It does not available for free but little bit costly.


  • Keek

This is highly beneficial in quickly accessing your favorite apps. Keek is a simple tweak for your jailbroken iOS devices to place the recently used apps in the Control center which the stock iOS does not allow.


Apple device owners jailbreak their iPhones, iPads, iPods in order to experience the world outside the limited iOS frame. And with new tweaks you can make your device look much more exciting. There are many tweaks available for free in Cydia and some for a little cost. Anyway they help user to enhance the device’s performance and look unique. Even though more power comes with more responsibility, it is not waste to try jailbreak on your device as it let you open up many advancements in iOS functioning.