Looking for iPhone 7 rumors; Here is all what you need to know about iPhone 7

2016 will be a big year for Apple as they are in a gigantic plan of releasing milestone updates this year. iPhone 7 is one of the top line. Since the day iPhone 7 was announced under development we found number of rumors in related with its every spec. so we felt of making an update note on upcoming iPhone features, important facts and rumored date of release to make you aware more about this upcoming Apple member.


iPhone 7 will come with many innovations that  you cannot not live without. In fact it will be designed with plenty of changes than usual Apple settings, at the moment all remains still rumors, so we took some of the reliable reports to sketch how this new iPhone will look in its final arrival.

When will this new member come out?

As Apple follows a traditional cycle in releasing their latest devices and big iOS updates we can largely expect iPhone 7 to be released in September 2016. iPhone 6S and 6S Plus arrived to the public in September, past year. So most probably iPhone 7 and 7 Plus both will be welcomed in September.

iPhone 7 expected features in brief

  • Upgraded processor
  • Improved camera with dual lens component
  • Identical battery capacity to iPhone 6S
  • Eye catching design
  • Thinner and smarter
  • Improved screen technology
  • Larger screen
  • Wireless music experience with iPhone 7
  • Will come with a more customizable Operating System
  • Smart connector
  • Waterproof
  • Wireless charging


These are only a hand pick of expected iPhone 7 features; in fact there will be more notable features that you will not feel like living without. So developers are still in making iPhone 7 by adding more and more useful features. as company works hard on this release we could largely expect many advancements from this upcoming trending gadget.

By the expected time of iPhone 7 release most probably there will be iOS 10, as Apple try to make their big releases meet at a one place. So iPhone 7 will come with full of surprises in every way in operation with iOS 10 upcoming release. This gadget is definitely a game changer as to every aspect revealed up to now.

Will there be a price drop?

iPhone 7 will be a giant release beyond doubts in Apple chapters, as there you will get more than you expect. In related to the price tags we have no chance to expect a price drop through iPhone 7 release. With more advancements and additional benefits iPhone 7 could not expected to be a lesser amount in its pricing, in fact there will be higher pricing in respect to all innovations that it will carry.

In all side consideration iPhone 7 can be identified as a game changer in Apple history. It is likely to showcase in an improved interface. In addition to Apple’s traditional skin there you can expect many more. As still we cannot say anything beyond guesses, it is now to wait until Apple turn with a latest note.