Manage your Device’s Volume with VolumePanel Cydia Tweak

If you are jailbroken or waiting for a jailbreak our today’s piece of writing would be helpful for you as Cydia is now ready to make your iOS volume management easy and effective with the latest VolumePanel Cydia tweak. Check out our complete note on to know more about this amazing Cydia tweak.


VolumePanel is for whom?

This is an amazing tweak which allows users to manage the volume levels of your iOS effectively. For each and every application installed in your iDevice VolumePanel Cydia tweak allows individual control.

Sometimes controlling your device’s volume appears irritating, as you need to go for more settings. If you adjust the volume for the headphones, you will have to make it back, otherwise, it goes beyond your control. Sometimes this might impact on your privacy,where who is behind you could easily hear what you do. The volume control in phone, music, photos, podcasts get often clashed in such circumstances and it appears absolutely irritating to fix the volume in every time you switch into different functions in your iDevice. So there VolumePanel comes as a very useful app to try on jailbroken iDevices with Cydia access.

How VolumePanel works on your jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch

This Cydia tweak can be used in two ways. One is setting up as an activator action where you can get to the interface at any time like shown below.


And the other option is through the button in media controls in iOS control center. As per you requirement on the visibility, you can tap on the VolumePanel button to show or hide the volume control settings. It shows volume control in respect to each app on your device. So you can effectively have the full control of your device but in a different way, in fact each individual app volume can be adjusted by tapping the colorful knobs.


VolumePanel Cydia tweak options:

  • Enabling or disabling the tweak as per user’s requirement
  • Two options to activate the tweak
  • Automatically color changes in respect to the app icon
  • All apps are displayed in the VolumePanel interface

This is not like other jailbreak tweaks to control volume of your iOS, as this allows to manage individual volume levels of each and every application in your iDevice. For more this is a great Cydia tweak which can be grab through BigBoss Cydia Repository for a one-time payment of $1.49. This will be an amazing tweak in Cydia’s collection for 2016, so try VolumePanel on your jailbroken iDevice as it worth more than you pay. Currently, this tweak only works on iPhones and iPod touch models, so prevent  trying it on your iPads.