More to your Big Screen- Apple TV 4 Jailbreak

Pangu has done a great job once again by bringing a jailbreak for fourth generation Apple TV. For an immersive screen experience Apple has released its TV 4 included with a lot of smart features. The best news we recently came across from Pangu is, Apple TV 4 jailbreak.


Apple TV 4 has released with well-polished features, sporting an entirely new operating system call “tvOS”. This is for the very first time Apple TV has developed on its own Operating system and their previous TV models were operating on the same Apple’s Operating System. Apple TV 4 comes loaded with impressive features. Improved Siri functionality, advanced TV-based apps, gaming support are some of the highlighting. In every aspect Apple fourth generation TV is highly ranking compared to its previous versions as one of the best entertainment devices that has ever made.


Can the new Apple TV be jailbroken easily?

When we talk about jailbreak, it isn’t a strange term for iOS users by now. jailbreak is the best way to expand your device’s capabilities.  But this jailbreak comes with certain limitations and slight differences in procedure compared to the usual jailbreaking.

This time Pangu has released their latest solution for Apple TV 4 jailbreak that is only compatible with tvOS 9.0 and tvOS 9.0.1. aiming at developers and security researchers. But if you have anything above these tvOS versions you will not be able to experience the jailbreak benefits. At this moment only devices running tvOS 9.0 or 9.0.1 can be jailbroken with this Pangu tool only on Mac.


Step by step guide to jailbreak Apple TV 4


  • Your Apple TV must be running on tvOS 9.0 or tvOS 9.0.1
  • A USB Type C cable
  • Xcode on your Mac
  • An Apple development membership is required

Jailbreak Apple fourth generation TV with Pangu

  • Step 1: Download the latest version of Pangu.

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  • Step 2: It is compulsory to register your device before start with the process. Plug in the power cord and the USB C cable. To register, it is important get the UDID which you get from launching Xcode. Then navigate to windows and select the connected Apple TV. Copy or save it somewhere suitable and move to the next step.


  • Step 3: Visit the Device page by logging into your developer account. Then give a name and the UDID for the Apple TV you wish to jailbreak.Then you are done with the registering of your Apple TV.
  • Step 4: Then go to App IDs page and give it a name and an ID. Creating an App ID is important for the jailbreak procedure.
  • Step 5: Those information will allow us to generate “a mobile provision file”. Then visit the “provisioning profile page” and choose tvOS development.
  • Step 6: Next choose your developer certificate, and select your Apple TV to download the file.
  • Step 7: Once you have downloaded, rename the file to embedded.mobileprovision and add it to the Apple TV jailbreak folder we downloaded from Pangu in step 1.
  • Step 8:  To install, we need to get the team ID and common name. To that open Keychain Access, choosing certificates, and locating your developer certificate. We need the Common Name, and the Organizational Unit (team ID).
  • Step 9: Then launch the install script.

Swap the perimeters for the ones we located. So the blank version is: <udid> <bundleid> <team id> <common name id>

Then we must put our related information. The UDID of your device, the bundle ID of your app, the team ID and common name from Keychain.

  • Step 10: This will install Pangu on your Apple TV, then launch the pangu app to install jailbreak and it will start Jailbreaking.


That is all you have to do to get jailbreak on your Apple TV, the screen instructions are very important to follow a smooth process. However this Jailbreaking could not make a vast change in your Apple TV so far, but definitely this Jailbreaking will benefit you in future. So keep in touch with Apple TV 4 jailbreak news and know what you can do with all these tech developments.