Must have Cydia repositories in 2016

Cydia is an unavoidable part when we consider about iOS jailbreak. Whenever you jailbreak your iDevice, you will automatically get installed with Cydia. The real benefit can be get only if you choose with the right repo. Most of the iOS users know Cydia of making changes on your jailbroken iDevices, but you may not aware much about Cydia repos and how you should work with them. So we thought of sharing some important facts to know more about Cydia repositories and all its related facts that you need to know for 2016.


What are repositories in Cydia?

Cydia is the App store for Jailbroken iDevices where you get more than what Apple offers, in fact you can get what Apple does not offer. To get Cydia you must have a jailbroken iDevice, and it is full of applications and tweaks that can be downloaded for free or with a small charge on your jailbroken iDevices. When we talk about Cydia we often hear terms like BigBoss repo, ModMyi and more. If you are new to Cydia experience this will sound bit strange. But these are easily understandable if you go with a simple guide.

Cydia comes with repositories (repos) or we also call them Cydia sources. Simply repos are where apps and tweaks are stored to access when they are required. These Cydia repos tell from where to get more apps, so if you have access to a large number of Cydia repos, you can install more apps and tweaks for advanced modifications. Under each repository you will find number of applications, so if you try to get more repos than usual number placed in Cydia when it is installed on your jailbroken iDevice, you can go for advanced functionality. If you are looking to increase the number of apps in your jailbroken device this piece of writing will be also helpful for you as we are now going to make you aware of best Cydia repos you can try for more apps experience in 2016.


Top rated Cydia Repos for 2016

BigBoss repo

Usually comes Preinstalled after Jailbreaking and it comes with a vast number of tweaks, apps, themes and more for advanced customization as the number 1 source for customization. It includes apps like iBlacklist, Folder enhancer, themes like Winterboard and many more.

SiNful iPhone

This is a repo that you should add to your Cydia, for more it is not a big source like BigBoss, but it do contains plenty of tweaks and extensions to more customization.

ModMyi repo

Like BigBoss ModMyi is another big repo comes preinstalled when you jailbreak and get Cydia. It is well known repo for best tweaks, themes, ringing tones, wallpapers and all mods for an amazing customization on your jailbroken iDevice.


This is a best rated repo you will find since iOS 7, and we are pretty sure it will win the consideration in this 2016 as well with no change. It comes included with many tweaks and game applications, in most cases for free. With time xSellize gets updated, in fact it is not the same repo by now to what you noticed in iOS 7 times.

AppVV repo

This repo is well known for vShare application that it includes. Even though this repo does not come with a vast frame for customizing, it does include significant applications like vShare for more power on your jailbroken iDevice.


When it comes to cracked apps this repo is an important thing to have. You will find some notable apps, tweaks, games and also themes from this repo.


It is one of the best Cydia repos available so far, and it will not be changed in 2016 as well. Most loved apps like Adblock, Folder Enhancer, iBirthdays, iBlutooth and many more features can be grabbed from this repo for notable tweaking.

How to add new sources for Cydia

It is important to know the proper method to add new Cydia repos for your preinstalled list, and it is not complicated as well. So let’s how it can be done.


  • Step 1: After you have successfully installed Cydia launch the app
  • Step 2: Choose that you are a User, Developer or Hacker
  • Step 3: If it is done, click on the manage button in the bottom
  • Step 4: Then click on the sources and it will show a list of installed Cydia sources
  • Step 5: Select edit and click on add
  • Step 6: You will then get a new box where you should enter the relevant repo you need to add, with no time wastage you can now start making changes on your jailbroken iOS with awesome extensions

With jailbreak your Apple limitations disappear letting you more modification on jailbroken iDevice to your heart’s content. Jailbreak gets its values because of the third party app installer platform Cydia. You can increase the number of bonus benefits you get with Cydia, by adding more repositories where apps and tweaks are stored. As we brought there are many sources you can start loving in 2016. So stay in touch and get updated with latest Cydia sources to experience a vast change with plenty of app support through powerful Cydia repos.