Pangu Works on iOS 10 Jailbreak

Pangu, the most reputed jailbreak developing team has refreshed the whole iOS jailbreak community by demonstrating iOS 10 Jailbreak at the security conference “MOSEC 2016” held recently in Shanghai. As to the confirmed facts iOS 10 is jailbreakable and Pangu has used their stage time to screencast a working iOS 10 jailbreak which shows Cydia install on iOS 10 as a result. We could not believe this to work on iOS 10 jailbreak at its final build, but this is a clue by team Pangu to make all aware of how profoundly they are focused on the next biggest iOS 10. Keep reading until the end and grab all latest facts about iOS 10 jailbreak which has revealed at the event MOSEC and get aware of how Pangu going to work on latest iOS 10.

iOS 10 jailbreak

Keep Hopes on Pangu 10

Pangu is absolutely awake about how to manage to get Cydia on iOS 10, and as supposed the latest iOS 10 has arrested the attention of the whole jailbreak community with jailbreak proofs even without spending a long space from its official announcement.

iOS 10 jailbreak

Even though Pangu members have come with a screencast of a working iOS 10 jailbreak at the event, they still have kept the most important part to themselves, which means they are not willing to reveal anything about their plans on iOS 10 more than that. One thing highlights here is true attempts of Pangu on iOS 10, and we would probably be able to get a working tool Pangu 10 for iOS 10 with its official release which will be scheduled in September. Until then keep hopes and do not miss our updated notes as we are ready to make you aware of the most recent facts from iOS jailbreak.

When will the long wait End?

In addition to the facts revealed at the conference about iOS 10 jailbreak, Pangu has not missed to made iOS 9 jailbreak crowd happy by giving a hint about the next iOS 9 jailbreak release. By responding to the queries Pangu has revealed they are working on iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak. So without a long delay, all of us would be able to know how Pangu will work on iOS 9.3.2. Most reports said jailbreak developers are skipping iOS 9 jailbreak by putting 100% focus on iOS 10 latest, but Pangu has proved its untrue by getting ready for the next announcement with iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak. So be ready to install Cydia on iOS 9.3.2, if you are of those who worried with this long pause between tool releases.

iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak

Please Note: If you are on an older iOS firmware or with a jailbroken iOS version, stick to whatever the version until something turns officially. If you are a jailbreaker, upgrading to iOS 9.3.2 will terminate your current jailbreak access, so check before you upgrade and wait until iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak comes officially.

iOS 10 Jailbreak, When to Expect?

It is absolutely good to know that Pangu is active on iOS 10, and we could hopefully wait for a compatible tool release from Pangu jailbreak side if they are willing to keep these attempts until Apple releases iOS 10.

iOS 10 jailbreak

iOS 10 has won the attention of most reputed jailbreak parties, so Pangu will have a tough competition if they are willing to rule iOS 10 jailbreak chapters. iOS 10 beta 1 will be announced to all public testers within July, but to download iOS 10 we will have to wait until September. If so a compatible jailbreak will take months away to surf, therefore keep visiting our posts to grab all latest facts about iOS jailbreak.

iOS 10 jailbreak was started to concern with iH8sn0w’s video demo, and now Pangu has renewed the hopes by remembering the possibilities you could have with Cydia iOS 10, so keep these facts as supportive notes in the way to iOS 10 jailbreak, and stay tuned as you will be able to grab much more interesting news in coming days.