No More Signing to iOS 9.3.1

At a time you are almost near to a month’s time from iOS 9.3.2 release, Apple has stopped signing to iOS 9.3.1, making the current option is. So downgrading from iOS 9.3.2 is no longer possible. Apple has taken nearly a month’s time to stop signing to iOS 9.3.1, it is obviously more the usual time gap, and finally the barriers are applied by now, so if you are an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch user looking to upgrade, iOS 9.3.2 is the only available option at the moment.


Did Apple take a longer period to stop Signing to iOS 9.3.1?

The answer is yes, as to the usual practice Apple stop signing to the previous iOS version within a week or two from the latest official announcement. But this time Apple has given user nearly a month’s time. One of the reasons must be 9.7 inch iPad Pro issue with iOS 9.3.2 installing. This is a fixed problem by now, but this bricking problem has caused a big issue even though there are only a few complaints were reported with 9.7 inch iPad Pro models. This must be a reason why Apple let users to downgrade to iOS 9.3.1 from iOS 9.3.2 this long, as it is an option to users those who are not satisfied with iOS 9.3.2 install. And now company has final decided to stop signing to iOS 9.3.1 as Apple managed to release an iOS 9.3.2 updated version to address 9.7 inch iPad Pro bricking problem.

Should Jailbreak lovers Upgrade to iOS 9.3.2?

On May 16th iOS 9.3.2 was officially announced with a significant fixes implementation to make your iOS experience more stable. In that way upgrading to iOS 9.3.2 is absolutely worth as it increases security of your iOS. But if you are a jailbreak fan you must think twice of getting a new iOS version, as upgrading to a new iOS will cancel your existing jailbreak. But if you are in iOS 9.2 or later, upgrading to iOS 9.3.2 does not make a big change as jailbreak is still missing from iOS 9.2 to above.

ios 9.3.2

At the moment iOS 9-iOS 9.1 jailbreak is possible with Pangu jailbreak, and those who are currently on a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, prevent getting Apple’s latest software updates until jailbreak comes with an official release, as upgrading to iOS 9.3.2 latest will destroy the current jailbreak, if you are with your iOS.

When will a Jailbreak come?

At the moment there is no jailbreak updates available to get Cydia install on iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.2. But most iOS fans expect iOS 9.3-iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak as possibilities are almost proven. Luca Todesco’s video showing iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak and Cydia install is the latest proof. In that way iOS 9.3-iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak is possible but we will have to wait until Pangu or any other come with an official release, as Luca is not ready for a tool announcement even though he has proven the possibilities.


Getting iOS 9.3.2 is worth for none jailbreakers, as it improves your iOS security while fixing a lot of minor issues you faced so far. But if you are a jailbreak lover you should wait as rumors suggest a soon iOS 9.3-iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak releases in this June. So keep in touch as there will be more news to grab from iOS as well jailbreak in approaching days.