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Download iOS 10 – Beta 2 is Now Released

At the event WWDC started from June 13th, the 1st beta of latest iOS 10 was released as a preview only for developer parties. And even before the public release of iOS 10 beta 1, the second beta has now

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Download iOS 10 for a Better Map Experience

Since the day iOS 10 was officially announced, we brought some of its inspiring features which could make your iOS experience absolutely better and smart. And now are going to turn to iOS 10 Redesigned maps which have come in

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Download iOS 10 With New Features Stolen From Jailbreak Tweaks

It is not surprise that apple takes some jailbreak tweaks as the features with their next big release of iOS. Such as, we see some familiar features/ tweaks that jailbreak communities have been utilizing for quite some time with apple’s

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Download iOS 10 for a Redesigned Apple Music Experience

Apple unwrapped iOS 10 for the first time at WWDC event started from 13th of June, even from the infancy iOS 10 has started arresting the users with its glamorous feature enhancements, and redesigned Apple music has won true attention

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Download iOS 10 For New Home App – Releases In September

home app new

Apple has announced iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with lots of new features. Among them, today we are going to discuss a bit about the new Home app comes with upcoming iOS 10. For every public testers,

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New iOS 10 Features : Photos with facial recognition

Apple has unveiled lots of new iOS 10 features during its keynote presenting at the WWDC 2016 on 13th of June. There are so many new additions and some changes can be found in upcoming iOS 10 including things like

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Will Rootless Security System make impossible to Jailbreak iOS 10?

iOS 10 has already unveiled by apple for developers on 13th of June, 2016. If you have been visiting our website everyday, I think that you have already read the complete review of iOS 10, comes lots of new features

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Best Ways iOS 10 Makes your iOS Experience Better

Worldwide Developer Conference started from 13th June was full of iOS 10 discussions, in Tim Cook’s words, this is the “biggest release ever” as it includes a variety of enhancements to your current iOS experience. Developers who are signed to

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Bonus Features of iOS 10

ios 10 bonus features

The latest iteration of its mobile OS, iOS 10 was announced by apple during tonight’s WWDC 2016 keynote. In our previous articles, we discussed that what’s new in iOS 10. We mentioned that iOS 10 comes with awesome new message

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Apple Unveiled iOS 10 with Multiple New Message App

As the WWDC keynote, apple has unveiled iOS 10, the latest version of apple’s mobile operating system with list of new features and improvements for established apps like Messages, Apple Music, Photos, Maps and more. One of the more notable

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