The Next Gigantic Release of Apple – iOS 10

iOS 9 was there for a considerable time in the minds of users with a justifiable service under 3 major releases. As to the normal theory the time is going to be right for next big change by June, yes, it is as Apple is on a plan of bringing iOS 10 as the next massive update, ending iOS 9’s time.


Dates unveiled

Worldwide Developer Conference will be held in June, in fact iOS 10 will come around June. By the time of WWDC apple has plans for the next big announcement in addition to some more. As to the reliable sources the event will start by 13th of June. So we can largely expect iOS 10 to be announced at the event with notable advancements over iOS 9. Most likely it could be a beta of iOS 10.

Rumored iOS 10 features

In feature wise we can largely expect more advancements, features with iOS 10. When iOS 9 starts its journey, it was a huge improvement over iOS older as there were many notable improvements. Likewise iOS 10 will have more welcoming features. There are number of rumors on iOS 10 features and includings, so we have brought some of should have contents today to make you aware of upcoming iOS 10 with supportive reports from the reliable sources.

  • Siri improved iCloud voicemail system
  • A way to hide and remove stock applications
  • Major changes to photo apps
  • Improved Messaging application
  • Better support for education settings; multiple user access
  • Remarkable improvements to Apple music
  • Additional features to Apple maps
  • Control center with more customization

Above is only a little pick out of the expected features, it will have many notable features with the improvements over the available features.

iOS 10 Beta release and guesses on final release


Normally Apple releases their developing iOS version in beta releases prior to the final announcement. As to the reported data iOS 10 will be announced by June, in fact iOS 10 beta will be launched in the same day or day after within few hours of the official announcement.

Apple’s iOS release comes as a cycle, in fact it has an ordinary method. In that assumption we can expect iOS 10 to be released in near with the iPhone 7 release which is planned to be announced in early September. So most probably iOS 10 will be released in September as to the Apple iOS release pattern and time guesses.

What devices will support iOS 10?

There is not much revealed with the compatibility of iOS 10 that is to come, however we can expect it to be supportive for almost all iDevices that are compatible with iOS 9. Sometimes older devices would not feature all iOS 10 improvements even though it will be supportive with the upgrade. As to the reports up to now latest iDevices will not get problems as iOS 10 will be more supportive for them with no harm.

As to the revealed data iOS 10 concept will be an advanced update than iOS current versions. It will feature many notable and useful options to make you handle everything easy with iOS. As these all based on rumors, we cannot exactly say what it will feature at the final, but we can definitely expect it to be a gigantic improvement, so hang on until June to know more about iOS next innovation.