Things to expect in Apple’s Next big Release- iOS 10 Rumors

One of the Apple’s biggest plans that will take part in year 2016 is, iOS 10. As iOS 9 had a remarkable journey in Apple chapters more than about 8 months, Apple has thought of turning to gigantic iOS 10. In every iOS update developers consider on bringing enhancements, for an example in feature wise, in security wise Apple try with changes to make their iOS platform stable than ever. Even though iOS 10 is still under development, rumors are flying with no change in haste. Actually rumors will no longer be rumors by now, in fact we are very close to get iOS 10. As to the trusted reports iOS 10 will be unveiled officially by the time of Worldwide Developer Conference which is to be held in June. So it’s our attempt to make you aware of some of the needed facts related to iOS 10 in prior to its official release.


What features we can expect from iOS 10

In feature wise iOS 10 will unquestionably rank higher than any other versions. In fact Apple will have a long list to read with iOS 10 as the wishlist is even longer. There are tons of rumors saying iOS 10 will look like this and that, so let us have a brief look on what to expect from approaching iOS 10 for clearer understanding.

Ability to hide stock Applications

This ability to hide default stock applications in iOS 10 can be largely expected as to the trusted sources. The current operating system versions does not support this feature, so this time Apple will have changed the standard settings. If you feel annoyed you can hide the stock application that you do not use often to make more space on your home screen.

iCloud Voicemail System

As to the freshest rumors iOS users will probably get iColud voicemail feature with iOS 10. According to the trusted reports Apple process of testing voicemail services has been revealed, so it is largely possible to get iCloud voicemail system improvements in iOS 10. So Siri would be also improved to make control of these system changes. In fact this will be an important feature that users will fall in love with.

Standalone HomeKit app

If the rumors are going to be true, a Standalone HomeKit application will be added on your iDevice as you start running iOS 10. This HomeKit app is beneficial for those who need to be connected with their home devices, so changes iOS 10 would feature will absolutely helpful for those who love this feature.

Apple Photo improvements

As to the rumors there will be additional feature support to Apple Photo app in iOS 10. Still the features are remain unidentified, but without doubt they will make many advancements in iOS 10. If the rumors are correct you will be lucky to grab many advanced features and upgrades to photos app in your iDevice with iOS 10. So it is largely possible to get touch based adjustments in Photo application after iOS 10 is installed.

More options with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is an upgrading feature with Apple’s Operating System changes. So iOS 10 will make Apple Pay for advanced functioning like online e-commerce portals and more.

Apple not only finish with these few, for sure it will come with many inspiring features which would not let your eyes and hands off. As rumors have come from reliable sources, the chance of getting these all with no quality change is high. But to confirm we will have to wait until June.

Cydia install and Jailbreak


Jailbreak and Cydia lovers have disappointed with iOS recent released updates, as the wait for the next jailbreak has continued even up to now with no change. However Cydia install and jailbreak right on iOS 10 is still unpredictable. In fact iOS 10 is too far to reach. With the announcement in June we will get more chances to count the opportunities. But one can be clear said, that Apple will surely make jailbreak developers and hackers tough to work on iOS 10 with improved security standards. So let us wait for few more weeks ahead to exactly know how iOS 10 will respond to jailbreak and Cydia install.

As there are tons of rumors on the approaching iOS update, we cannot exactly say what it will surely feature at the final. However iOS 10 will probably come about September 2016, and it will start releasing in iOS 10 beta releases from June as to the reports up to now. So stay with all updates to know more about Apple’s next big step in the Operating system.