Upgrade to iOS 10 or Keep the Jailbreak?

Apple has officially announced iOS 10 at WWDC started from 13th of Monday making user clearer about what to grab with iOS 10 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. As to the reports iOS 10 will be launched in September but it will enter to beta releases from July. Upgrade to iOS latest versions is absolutely worth for a stable iOS experience, but if you are a jailbreaker, you come to a battle whether to upgrade to iOS 10 or keep the existing jailbreak with iOS 9 or previous until iOS 10 jailbreak comes. So check our complete article to know what benefits you can grab with these two options and make a clear decision whether to upgrade to iOS 10 or stay in existing jailbreak.


iOS 9 or iOS 10?

iOS 10 is the next big chapter of iOS that comes including plenty of improvements to your current iOS experience. In that way upgrade to iOS 10 is absolutely worth but if you are a jailbreaker in iOS 9 or previous, upgrading to iOS 10 will destroy the existing Cydia benefits. As to the personal preference, this could be vary but getting iOS 10 will be beneficial as it contents a lot of advancements.

Currently, there are no jailbreak updates after iOS 9.1 Pangu jailbreak, but most reports suggest a jailbreak for iOS 9.3-iOS 9.3.2 as there are no doubts with their jailbreak possibilities. However still there is no update has revealed from any jailbreak developing team and iOS 9.1 jailbreak is the current latest we have. In that way those who are on later iOS version have no jailbreak yet. But we can still hope for a jailbreak release before iOS 10 launch.

My Thoughts of iOS 10


As to the revealed facts iOS 10 is a big change for iOS users, in fact you will get a number of amazing features by upgrading to iOS 10. You prefer jailbreak as it comes with advanced functionality, but iOS 10 will come is September with most loved features of Cydia tweaks you get with jailbreak. Surprising, but true. Below I have listed some best features you can grab from iOS 10 which were inspired with your favorite tweaks.

Features of iOS 10 that Jailbreakers have had

  • Raise to wake feature
  • Improvements in message app with stickers and animations
  • Third party access to Siri
  • More features to control center with page to page control
  • Interactive Notifications which access much more data
  • Weather app with 3D touch
  • Apple music improvements
  • Stock app removing from Home screen
  • Widgets on your iPhone’s Lock screen

Jailbreaking is needed for those who look for advance functionality in your iDevice, but if you can get the same feel and functioning but upgrading to iOS 10 latest, how delighted you would be. As to my time with iOS 10, I found inspiring changes that make you satisfied as you get happy with Jailbreaking. Definitely there are changes with stock settings and jailbreak, but iOS 10 is a good answer for jailbreakers complaining for years as stock iOS lacks features.

Upgrade to iOS 10 or staying with the iOS 9 jailbreak or previous will change with the personal preference, but remember iOS 10 will bring most of your loved features from Cydia tweaks to make iOS experience better.

iOS 10 Jailbreak


Upgrade to iOS 10 or stay with iOS 9 jailbreak struggles more as iOS 10 jailbreak does not come with much proofs yet. At the moment iOS 10 has announced but we have to wait for July to get iOS 10 beta release, until then jailbreak developers have no chance to indicate about iOS 10 jailbreak as there is nothing much to say about security settings of this upcoming big release. So stay in touch to grab all latest about iOS 10 jailbreak and Cydia install as jailbreak developers will have a tough job on iOS 10 tight security.

This is what I think of upgrading to iOS 10, then what do you think?  Do not forget to share what you think of iOS 10 upgrade or staying with iOS 9 jailbreak.