What will Apple bring in 2017; iPhone 8 Rumors

Technology is something that changes so often. What we see today might not be the thing you see by tomorrow. It applies here in Apple innovations with no change, iPhone 8 which will be arrived in 2017 is an ideal example for Apple’s next big step with its edge to edge display.


Still we are at a stage of getting iPhone 7 rumors which will be come by September, and things have suggested are longer rumors by now. So we thought of turning to 2017 that will bring a big change in the way iPhone will look.

Welcome the Radical change in 2017!

What we expect from iPhone 7 is so much, and what we can expect from iPhone 8 will be even more. As we still have a considerable time to get close to iPhone 8, there is only a few information has revealed, one is its radical design.


Unlike other iPhones you are already familiar with, iPhone 8 will appear in an alter face, in fact an edge-to-edge display which iPhone 8 will feature become a highest selling point in 2017. When iPhone 7 came to the discussion it was considered to be changed in the way it looks, but up to now hintings say about display improvements rather than a change in iPhone 7. But the things can be changed in iPhone 8 that will arrive in 2017. The change we expected from iPhone 7 will feature in iPhone 8 for more possibly.

This complete difference Apple is in view of bringing through iPhone 8 will be a shocking improvement to its current design. In fact this edge-to-edge display will change the usual placements of selfie camera, speakers and Touch ID, and that might come hidden or in a different way than what we are familiar. So top and bottom bezels will be gone in iPhone 8 which will come in 2017.

What is more?

iPhone 8 will pack many advancements in addition to what you will get with iPhone 7 this September. Up to now we have only few trusted rumors, but we hope to make you updated with all the up to date leaks from the Apple side, which will be helpful for you to get ready for the radical change in 2017.


When we come to camera, you will probably find the flush design back with improved dual sensors. So you will be able to continue clearer and sharper capturing with iPhone 8 for sure. For more water resistance display improvement is one of the most demanding features you see in modern mobile technology, but Apple was bit behind in that scenario. That lag might not be continued after 2017, as iPhone 8 will have OLED and water resistant display most probably with a 5.8 inches display.

As there is only a small space to come with suggestions, we will have to wait to know more. And definitely this will be a milestone product launch in Apple chapters. Stay updated to the radical design you will be able see in 2017, and for sure it will make you shocking. So stay in touch to know all the latest updates on iPhone 8 in 2017.